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Namesake Silje

At the time Silje (Nergaard) was around to come back to Norway from London, another Silje (Vige) - she was from Stavanger - suddenly showed up in Norway. There are some resemblances between these Norwegian ladies:


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December 2003: Silje Vige sings in an Advent concert in Rauland church with the 'Rauland Musikkorps'


Silje Vige, born appr. 1977, was a newcomer when she participated in the Melodi Grand Prix 1993 singing the sweet song "Alle Mine Tankar" written by her father Bjørn Erik Vige. She won this Norwegian Grand Prix and went to the Eurovision Song Contest in Ireland that year where she ended on place 5. The song was called "Love's Tokens" in English. Only a few things are known of her. Rumours say she worked a year in a kindergarten in Trondheim, than she studied folk musik at the Telemark University College, Institute for Folk Culture, in Rauland under the professor in traditional arts Vidar Lande. 
In 1999 she sings in Hitra (Olsok concert) and Trondheim (concerts in Thomas Angels Kjeller); she than works together with Kyrre E. Slind (zither) and Audun Austli (guitar). On December 14. 2003 she sings among other things "I Denne Søte Joletid" and "Eit Barn Er Født I Betlehem" in the Advent concert in Rauland church with the 'Rauland Musikkorps'. She still is singing, because at the end of March 2005 she was singing some local songs at an annual meeting from the Ryfylke museum in Erfjord.

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