Silje's appearances

the year 2021 - November 5.



Setlist from the concert in Scala, in Leverkusen-Opladen:

  1. Rain Roofs
  2. Window Bird
  3. My Crowded House
  4. Mercy Street
  5. Cocco Bello
  6. Be Still My Heart-Opladen -Opladen
  7. Take A Long Long Walk
  8. Velvet Curtains
  9. Love Of My Life / starting with an improvisation of Espen on the piano that passes as an introduction to this song
  10. Lullaby To Erle / Silje plays a little xylophone
  11. Tell Me Where You're Going / preceded by a part of a cassette recording of this song with Pat Metheny, during the song a piano-solo by Espen
  12. Japanese Blue
  13. En Og En / with a piano-solo from Espen

          Line up: Silje Nergaard (vocals) and Espen Berg (piano)