Silje's appearances

the year 2019 - December 14


Advertisement from Rockefeller's website, translation below, made by Dag Sirnes. Also two video stills from the show.

(Advertisement from Rockefeller's website)

Penthouse Playboys celebrates Christmas at Rockefeller for the 23rd time - with Jørn Hoel himself and none other than Silje Nergaard.

The Jazz Pop Queen has a large and international audience, and is immediately out with a new album - her sixteenth! Norway's hottest butter singer is constantly relevant with TV appearances and tours, and his 80's hits have become popular. But now Silje Nergaard and Jørn Hoel will face their biggest career challenge to date: Standing on stage at Rockefeller, in front of a packed, festive and wild Christmas audience, five shows in a row, together with 'Every Woman's Dream', 'The Man Who Never Sleeps Alone', Jens Pikenes (real name: Kjetil Rolness). We can vividly imagine a lasting battle between the two charmers for the favor of the beautiful singer. Maybe we will see a  broad-legged, northern Norwegian version of '' The Girl Is Mine '' ..... (Jørn Hoel comes from northern Norway.)
This is the 23rd time that the Penthouse Playboys invites to their special party mix of joy, glitter and madness. We are simply talking about the capital's most popular, traditional and women - friendly Christmas concert. Nine out of ten Oslo women are sure of their case: It will not be Christmas until Jens and the 'toy boys' wiggle it in. The band has tried everything to prevent the doors of Rockefeller (stage) from being run down by overheated ladies. They have turned down the charm under the extras. They have raised ticket prices. Nothing helps. At least five concerts are needed to fill the need. This is and will be the Mother of All Christmas Concerts.

Ticket price NOK 550 + ticket fee. 18 years identification.
The doors open at 20.00

Video stills from a recording with all participants (at the end of the show?), singing "We Are The World".
Above: Jens Pikenes (real name: Kjetil Rolness) left from Silje.