Silje's appearances

the year 2019 - August 31



Silje participates in Gåsehud "By the fjord festival" at Nordstrand in Oslo. During the festival a spontaneous version of "Lav Sol Høy Himmel" [Low Sun High Sky] was made, in which the vast majority of those who played at the festival participated.
In the introduction Bendik Hofseth says (translated): What we are going to do now is mark .... At Lørenskog when I was growing up, we had a blackbird in the garden - my mother had it in her garden. And it was very beautiful. Sometimes I heard it. Is there anyone who can ......? It is wonderfully beautiful when the blackbird sings. One day it was gone. Then you noticed that it had been there. Isn't that starnge? - And now we have lost a songbird - we in the creative community - and you who like to listen to music and listen to lyrics: It's Anne Grete Preus. So to honor her, we'll play one of her songs now, called ''Low Sun High Sky''

Artists from left to right: Håvar Bendiksen (guitar), Bendik Hofseth (saxophone), Solveig Slettahjell (vocals), Anneli Drecker (vocals), Silje Nergaard (vocals), Pål Hausken (drums), Hallgrim Bratberg (guitar). In the background: Safari Gospel Choir.