Silje's appearances

the year 2019 - March 21



Setlist from the concert in Het Concertgebouw, Kleine zaal, in Amsterdam:

  1. For You A Thousand Times
  2. It's Gonna Rain
  3. Cocco Bello
  4. Wayside Song
  5. Dreamers At Heart
  6. Be Still My Heart
  7. Amy / Silje accompanied by bass
  8. Hush Little Bird / Silje plays the kantele
  9. Run Run Run / Silje accompanied by drums en percussion
  10. Japanese Blue
  11. Tell Me Where You're Going
  12. When Judy Falls
  13. Dance Me Love
  14. En Og En

          Line up: Silje Nergaard (vocals, keyboard, kantele), Andreas Ulvo (keyboards), Audun Erlien (bass) and Wetle Holte (drums, percussion)