Silje's appearances

the year 2018 - February 23.



Setlist from the concert in LantarenVenster in Rotterdam:

  1. For You A Thousand Times
  2. Breathe
  3. It's Gonna Rain
  4. Cocco Bello
  5. While You Where Gone
  6. Wayside Song
  7. Dreamers At Heart
  8. Amy
  9. Hush Little Bird
  10. Run Run Run
  11. Be Still My Heart
  12. Tell Me Where You're Going
  13. When Judy Falls
  14. Dance Me Love
  15. En Og En

          Line up: Silje Nergaard (vocals), Andreas Ulvo (piano), Audun Erlien (bass) and Wetle Holte (drums and percussions)