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the year 2017 - December 5.



Article in Røyken og Hurums Avis, Thursday Dcmber 7. 2017

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Silje Nergaard in the VEAS hall

A fantastic 'muck cellar'

For the first, and probably last time, a concert was held in the new sludge silo hall of VEAS. ''Someone came up with the idea of celebrating the new hall, which by the way has fantastic acoustics, with a concert. As said, so done'', says Ragnhild Borchrevink in VEAS.

By: Bente Elmung

At 6 pm on Tuesday night, hundreds of people flocked down the slopes and into the new underground hall of Vestfjorden Avløpsselskap to attend the first, and probably only concert of all time, in the construction hall of the drainage company.

Crazy idea

"Since the hall was completely empty, we got the crazy idea of arranging a concert to mark the new project," says CEO Ragnhild Borchrevink of VEAS, who took over the job this summer.

Thus, employees, neighbors, partners and owners were invited, around 300 in number, to a mountain concert.

"When the hall is taken into use, it will no longer look like it does now, but will be filled with silos, loading equipment and trucks," says Borchrevink, adding that they are lucky to have Silje Nergaard perform at a mountain concert.

In the hall you almost get a cathedral feeling as you enter a bluish dimly lit room. Silje Nergaard enters the stage with a band. They open the concert with "Breathe", and Nergaard comments on the song by saying that breathing is important both for living and for being able to take a short break.

In the muck cellar

She presented several of the songs on her new album that came this fall. There are stories about people she has met, or who have touched her. A mother in Africa waiting for the rain or a coconut seller in Italy are both inspirations for songs.

She willingly admits that tonight's concert arena is both unusual and exciting.

"It's great to be on stage and look out over the hall from here," she says, adding: but what a waste that this "muck cellar" does not remain a concert hall. It's great to play here, even if it gets a little chilly, she says, and smiles.

Silje ended the concert with what in 1990 was her big breakthrough - the song "Tell Me Where You're Going", to great cheers and joy from the audience.

"Great concert, and very special," say both the director and employees after the concert, before they trudge up the road and out into the summer evening.

Big photo

SPECIAL ARENA: Silje Nergaard and trio provided a memorable experience in the new sludge hall of Vestfjorden Avløpsselskap, which is located at Bjerkås near Slemmestad.

Small photos (from left to right):

CRAZY: Ragnhild Borchgrevink, CEO of VEAS, thinks the crazy idea of a concert in the new construction hall was successful. '' Memorable concert, '' she says.

GOOD: Process engineer Birgitt Johnsen in VEAS and friends Karoline Nåvik, Thomas Fiske and Marlene Wilhelmine Jensen and Mats Hegna think it was a good concert.

SATISFIED: ''I have had concerts in many different places, but this is probably the most special'', says Silje Nergaard after the concert.