Silje's appearances

the year 2016 - May 31.



Translation by Dag Sirnes: The Kuraybers with Silje Nergaard, Late Night at Logen

[Info from Bergen Festival program catalogue:]

It gets lively in the Logen stage when eight genre-breaking artists are given free rein.

The Kuraybers and Silje Nergaard share a passion for mixing musical styles.

The Kuraybers has a multilingual musical vocabulary and a virtuoso, fresh and fun expression. They have strong ties to Norwegian and Balkan folk music, and also pick up elements from countries such as Ireland, Poland and Spain. The seven artists from six countries met at the Norwegian Academy of Music and their varied backgrounds from folk music, classical and contemporary music, jazz and improvisation create a distinctive soundscape that is conveyed with a raw energy from the stage.

This evening they bring with them Silje Nergaard, who also enjoys a varied genre landscape. The well-known singer and songwriter plays with jazz, folk, pop, country and blues in a yet recognizable expression that bears Nergaard's clear signature.

''I have never learned rules about what is allowed and what is not. All my life I have been interested in melodies, not genres"', says Nergaard.

With an ocean of musical starting points and possibilities, the stage is set for a playful evening in the Lodge Theater.