Silje's appearances

the year 2012 - December 31.



General info: Sangen om Norge [The song about Norway] has been NRK P(rogram)1's big investment in the past year. Here, the listeners have submitted their photos and among these, 13 musicians have chosen their photo that has inspired them to write a completely new song. These will be performed together with the Broadcasting Orchestra in Hell Amfi, Stjørdal. We meet DDE, Narum, Staut, Rasmus Rohde and the world's best band, Kråkesølv, Samsaya, Silje Nergaard, Frode Alnæs, Elvira Nicolaysen, Jonas Fjeld, Stian Fjelldal, Frida Amundsen and Jan Eggum. Hosts are Haddy N'jie and Pål Plassen
The photo taken by Stina Åshildsdatter Grolid was choosen by Silje to write the song Det Går Nok Over [It Will Probably Go Over]. Translation interview Stina by Dag Sirnes.

Two stills from this NRK broadcast with the photo that was Siljes starting point and Silje singing this song.


Program host Pål Plassen: An everyday moment that has become new Norwegian music. We will hear from Silje Nergaard shortly. - Well, what do you think about her making a song of your picture?

Stina Åshildsdatter Grolid: I think it's incredibly great. I thought so the first time and I think so now. I have to try not to start crying.

Pål: Because?

Stina: It's incredibly emotional. When you have children and ..... Yes, and now I am very happy with the result.

Pål: When I saw the picture I thought: ''There is a lot of laundry too.''

Stina: It sure will be.

Pål: What do you think is with children and puddles?

Stina: Love. A passion that never ends. An attraction that they must play out.

Pål: Then we are really looking forward to hearing Silje Nergaard. The song is called: ''Det Går Nok Over'' Here you are!