Silje's appearances

the year 2011


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date place, country / broadcast venue details
Jan appr. 6
Oslo, Norway
Herr Nilsen
Celebration of Stian Carstensen's 40th birthday; Silje among others ('the cream of the Norwegian musical elite'); Silje sang to and along with Stian; maybe a closed party
Jan 8 and 9 Klepp, Norway Rådhus(town hall)
Silje is guest solist, three songs, in the New Years concert of the Klepp Hornmusikk, conducted by Arild Mjaaland
Jan 19 Wien, Austria Porgy & Bess Silje Nergaard Trio
Jan 20 Linz, Austria Posthof Silje Nergaard Trio
Jan 21 Innsbruck, Austriia Treibhaus Silje Nergaard Trio
Jan 22 Friedrichshafen. Germany Graf Zeppelin Haus Silje Nergaard Trio; on the setlist a.o.: Traffic Jam, Wayside Song and Black Or White
Jan 25 Frankfurt, Germany Mousonturm Silje Nergaard Trio
Jan 26 Koblenz, Germany Café Hahn Silje Nergaard Trio
Jan 27 Worpswede, Germany Music Hall Silje Nergaard Trio
Jan 28 Hamm, Germany Kurhaus Bad Hamm Silje Nergaard Trio
Jan 29 Herford, Germany Museum Marta Silje Nergaard Trio
Jan 30 Dresden, Germany Ev.-Luth. Lukaskirche Silje Nergaard Trio
Feb 13 Norwegian TV (NRK1) in the talkshow Grosvold Silje with Band and strings with the song Based On A Thousand True Stories
Feb 17 NorwegianTV (NRK P1) im the program Kveldsåpent Konsert Silje with Band, live, with some songs from the album A Thousand True Stories
Mar 2 Tromsø, Norway Studenthuset Driv, Haakon Scene
Silje with Håvard Bendiksen and Hallgrim Bratberg (on guitars)
Mar 10 Bærum, Norway
Bærum Kulturhus

Mar 16 Kolben, Norway Kolben Kulturhus Kolbotn; Silje Nergaard Trio, with Håvar Bendiksen and Hallgrim Bratberg; songs that where played here for sure (order unknown): Be Still My Heart, If I Could Wrap Up a Kiss, Vintersang, Based On A Thousand True Stories, Traffic Jam, Wayside Song (Silje on kantele) and Japanese Blue
April 7 Hamar, Norway Barrack "Tidenes Topp 50-lista"; Top 50 of best Norwegian songs. This day the order was presented of the top-12: Silje ended at number 9 with the song "Tell Me Where You're Going". Silje probably was present here.
April 9 Sarpsborg, Norway Glenghuset Silje Nergaard Trio
April 10
Arna, Norway
Arna kyrkje
Silje gave the closing concert of the Kultudagene [Culture Days]
April 28 Oslo, Norway Kastellet Skole Open evening at the Kastellet school: Kulturdugnad; Silje among others, like the rap-group Robin and Bugge and the singer Jostein Hasselgård
April 30 Trondheim, Norway Dokkhuset Silje Nergaard Trio: Silje Nergaard (vokal/kantele), Håvard Bendiksen (gitar/lapsteel/vocal) and Halgrim Bratberg (guitar/lapsteel/vocal)
May 7 Hamar, Norway Østre Torg AnJazz; HamJam reunion; Silje was lead-singer from 1982-1984 and will do two songs with the Band
May 7 Hamar, Norway Hamar Teater AnJazz; Silje Nergaard Trio (2 guitarists); some of the songs of this conerts: 'Based On A Thousand True Stories’, ’Be Still My Heart’, ’The Waltz’, ’Japanese Blue’, and 'Dream A Little Dream'; extras: 'Black Or White' and ’En Og En'
May 10 Stavanger, Norway Konserthus Silje was invited to sing her song 'Laura' at the opening concert at MaiJazz; the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Vince Mendoza and featuring John Scofield (guitar), was playing at this opening concert. 
Note: The Dutch Metropole Orchestra, conducted by Vince Mendoza, and John Scofield made the album '54', in Februari 2011 awarded with a Grammy; the
Stavanger Symphony Orchestra were playing songs from that album
May 12 Stavanger, Norway Hall Toll MaiJazz 2011; Silje Nergaard Trio (with 2 guitarists: Håvar Bendiksen and Hallgrim Bratberg)
June 5
Oslo, Norway
Galleri LaVie
Silje Nergaard Trio (with Håvar Bendiksen and Hallgrim Bratberg on guitars)
June 25 nsberg, Norway Foynhagen Vestfoldfestspillene; Silje Nergaard Trio
July 1 Falnes (Skudeneshavn), Norway Falnes kirke Skudefestival; midnight concert with Heine Totland
July 22 Kassel, Germany Kulturzelt Silje Nergaard Trio
July 23 Darmstadt, Germany Centralstation Silje Nergaard Trio
July 27 Arendal, Norway Lille Torungen Fyr [at the  lighthouse island]
Canal Street; Silje Nergaard Trio (Silje with two guitarists); Fyrkonsert [in the afternoon]; Silje is artist of the year at Canal Street 2011
online article
August 6 Drøbak, Norway Hos Hanna, bakgården  
August 11 Vadsø, Norway Et Kult Sted  Silje Nergaard Trio; 
August 13 Oslo, Norway Eidsvolls plass at the opening of an anual election-battle; Silje and Heine Totland did the opening of this meeting, by singing "What The World Needs Now Is Love", probably choosen because of the mass-murdering that took place on July 22 in Oslo and on Utøya
August 15 Oslo, Norway Den Norske Opera & Ballett Oslo Jazzfestival: first artist at the opening concert 25th anniversary ('Jazz i Operaen: Oslojazz 25 år'), among others; Silje did four songs from her co-operation with Dutch Metropole Orchestra; Silje was accompanied by the Kringkastingsorkesteret (KORK) and a jazz quartet (Helge Lien, piano; Frode Berg, bass; Hallgrim Brattberg, guitar; Hermund Nygård, drums)
August 20
Gjøvik, Norway
Silje in trio with Håvard Bendiksenn and Hallgrim Bratberg
August 31 Oslo, Norway Ekebergrestaurant Silje, accompanied by Halgrim Brattberg, was singing during the presentation of designer prizes
September 18 Telavåg, Norway Nordsjøfartmuseet  (The Museum for voyage activity in the North Sea)
At the closing of Vestkystfestivalen (after six years); Silje Nergaard Trio
October 30 Oslo, Norway Bekkelaget Kirke Silje Nergaard Trio; wellfaire concert for fundraising for children in Kenia
November 25 Leipzig, Germany Michaelskirche Silje Nergaard & Band; Christmas concert
November 26 Wuppertal, Germany Stadthalle Silje Nergaard & Band; Christmas concert; the concert was cancelled due to technical problems
November 27 Karlsruhe, Germany Tollhaus Silje Nergaard & Band; Christmas concert
November 28 Augsburg, Germany Parktheater Silje Nergaard & Band; Christmas concert
November 29 Stuttgart, Germany Theaterhaus Silje Nergaard & Band; Christmas concert
November 30 Mainz, Germany Christuskirche Silje Nergaard & Band; Christmas concert
December 1 Hamburg, Germany Schauspielhaus Silje Nergaard & Band; Christmas concert
December 7 Oslo, Norway Konserthus Christmas concert
December 10
Bergen, Norway
Jan Eggum's anniversary (60 years) concert; Silje - one of the guests at this concert - sang togther with Jan Eggum, Knut Reiersrud on guitar