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the year 2011 - July 27.



Online article at Askerposten from April 6. 2011



Translation by Dag Sirnes:


Silje Nergaard to the lighthouse this summer

By: Frank Johannessen

Silje Nergaard is this year's artist for Canal Street's lighthouse concert at Lille Torungen this summer.

On 27 July, Silje Nergaard and two guitarists stand at the lighthouse island to entertain the close to a thousand concertgoers who are expected at the concert.

In 2002, Nergaard last played on Canal Street, then from the deck of (the boat) Boy Leslie which was moored (in Arendal harbour) at Poppes Plass (Poppe's Square).

Silje Nergaard almost always composes the pieces herself. She made a career as a composer and won the ''Honorable Mention Award'' at the USA Songwriter Competition in 1999 for the song ''I Don't Want To See You Cry''. Some of her songs have also been used as film scores.

''Silje is a dreamer - so why not start dreaming a little already? Jazz and pop, beautiful songs and heartfelt empathy. Silje Nergaard alone with us, a thousand spectators, the seagulls, the sea and two guitarists at Lille Torungen lighthouse. Big and small, people of all ages. A full ''bird rock'' of people  in the sea shore. With basket and lunch in wet and dry conditions. The sun warms and Silje seduces us. Can Sørlandet (Southern Norway) get better?'' asks Canal Street in a press release.


COMING TO ARENDAL: Silje Nergaard is playing at Lille Torungen this summer. Press photo