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the year 2011 - March 2.



Review in iTromsø, Thursday March 3. 2011



Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Took the audience along for the ride

Silje Nergaard (44) invited the audience on her own world trip. It certainly wasn't a bad idea.

Silje Nergaard's life has mostly always been about music, and since she released her first album in 1990 with the help of the famous American jazz artist Pat Metheny, life has been a journey. Both through Japan, England, Germany, Austria, Brazil and Norway, the jazz musician has become a star. Yesterday she shared the stories and songs from her journey up to 2011 with the audience on Driv.

''I want to include the audience with a concept that is not very tight. It's nice to be able to tell a little about what lies behind the songs,'' says Nergaard to iTromsø.


Yesterday, only 50 people had made the trip to listen to the well-known artist. Who thought they got value for money. For them, the concert was an intimate experience.

''That was amazing. But I would think they are a little disappointed by the turnout,'' says Elisabeth Lind (24).

Together with their friends Sonja Nilsen (24) and Knut Skoglund (24), they experienced Nergaard live for the first time.

''It really added flavor, it was really fun to be part of her journey and see the development,'' they say.

''I was very impressed by the guitarists,'' says Skoglund, who is also a guitarist himself.

Touched songwriter

But perhaps most impressed of all was Sigrid Merethe Hanssen from Finnsnes, she made her debut as a lyricist on ''Vintersang'' on Nergaard's latest album ''If I Could Wrap Up a Kiss''. And had traveled to Tromsø to experience the song live.

''I was very moved, and not least I am very proud to be able to be a part of this,'' she smiles.

The artist herself also brags about the work they have put in together.

''For me, this song is a little gem, in Germany they are absolutely wild,'' she says.

And even though the turnout was poor, Nergaard had a great time.

''It's been so long since we've played in Norway, so I thought this was really fun. I can't remember the last time I was here. And I spend little energy on attendance,'' she says.

                                                                                            Maja Olaussen & Jon Terje Eiterå

Intimate meeting with Silje

Place: Haakon Stage at Driv
Audience: Approx. 50
Highlights: ''Dream a Little Dream'', ''Based On A Thousand True Stories'' and ''Vintersang (Winter Song'"
Duration: 1 hour and 50 minutes

Silje Nergaard selected the best from her many albums

Since Silje Nergaard released her first album ''Tell Me Where You're Going'' in 1990, things have gone onwards for the well-known jazz artist. She has a total of 13 albums to her credit. And the best of these was what she, together with guitarists Håvard Bendiksen and Hallgrim Bratberg, brilliantly delivered yesterday.

Because it was certainly not a bad idea to pick out the best. The audience got Nergaard's development from A to Z and not least all the strings she can play. .

You can't hide the fact that Silje Nergaard has a fantastic voice, and not least she suits the scene incredibly well. And I think perhaps the audience was happy that no more than 50 people had turned up.

It actually became so intimate that you almost felt that Nergaard was visiting at home in her own living room, just not on the CD player. The artist is to be commended for daring to stand up and tell the stories behind the songs, and not least that both she and the guitarists engage in antics from the stage. Sometimes it might work better than others, but the audience laughed and then they probably got what they wanted.

But still, the concert lasted too long. And ending with twice Michael Jackson's ''Black or White'' was a bit much. No Silje, rather stick to your own beautiful music.

Reviewer: Maja Olaussen

Photos (from top to bottom - then to the right)

TOUCHED: Lyricist Sigrid Merethe Hanssen got to see Silje Nergaard perform her song ''Vintersang'' yesterday. After the concert, the two ladies were in a brilliant mood and said that they will now continue their collaboration. Photo: Maja Olaussen

FANTASTIC: Elisabeth Lind (24 left), Knut Skoglund (23) and Sonja Nilsen (24) experienced Silje Nergaard live for the first time. They were very impressed, and that despite knowing that she is very good. Photo: Maja Olaussen

COZY AT HOME: Silje Nergaard gave of herself.

INCREDIBLE JOURNEY: Silje Nergaard took the audience on a journey from 1990 to 2011 where they got to hear all her best songs. And behind every song there was a story. The audience greatly appreciated those stories