Silje's appearances

the year 2010 - August 7.


review in Akershus Amtstidende, Monday August 9. 2010

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Magic at  Hos Hanna

Silje Nergaard created a beautiful and magical atmosphere in the backyard at Hos Hanna (at Hanna's) on Saturday. 250 came to hear the artist.

Text and photos: Henriette Slaatsveen

On Saturday night, the not entirely unknown pop jazz artist Silje Nergaard took two talented musicians, Håvard Caspersen and Halgrim Bratberg, to the backyard of Hos Hanna in Drøbak. Here, the three played several of the most beautiful of Nergaard's self-composed songs.

Just as nice

Of course, the three musicians were not alone in Hos Hanna. The charming backyard in the middle of Drøbak center was completely full of about 250 cheerful and happy Nergaard fans who enjoyed the beautiful music in the nice summer weather.

"I do not remember the last time I was here in Drøbak, but it's just as nice here as I remember it", Nergaard could reveal to her audience.

The talented musician gave her all during the concert on Saturday night. She held a very honest, personal and not least very beautiful concert to the great joy of the summer-happy audience.

The award-winning artist wants to reach out to her audience and convey stories you can recognize yourself in and relate to your own lives. Nergaard did this brilliantly during his visit to Drøbak.

Several famous artists

The number of famous artists who visit Drøbak every summer is often long. And Nergaard's visit to Hos Hanna was fortunately not the end of a great concert summer in the seaside resort.

Still, among others, Jørn Hole's concert at Telegrafen on Wednesday remains. And this weekend, Ingrid Bjørnov and Kari Slaatsveen will perform with their show at the same place. A little later in August, according to tradition, the group Postgirobygget will come to Badeparken.

Small photo: There were many who took the trip to hear the famous artist play in Drøbak.

Large photo: Silje Nergaard delivered a fantastic concert at Hos Hanna on Saturday night.