Silje's appearances

the year 2010 - March 18.

review in Våganavisa, Wednesday March 24. 2010

Translation by Dag Sirnes:


Those who thought that Silje Nergaard is just one of many sleazy pop/jazz princesses were clearly not at Thursday's concert in the Lofoten kulturhus.

Musically speaking, Silje Nergaard is pure dream lady. You have to look for a long time for someone who vocally can handle most styles of music without problems and who at the same time has a winning, humorous nature. Already from the opening song ''Be Still My Heart'', Nergaard showed that it is not without reason that she has achieved both international and national fame.

Through a repertoire consisting of both her own songs and cover songs, Nergaard showed that she is so much, much more than her biggest radio hits. Although songs like ''Tell Me Where You're Going'' and ''Japanese Blue'' are good pop/jazz songs by all means, it is when Nergaard steps past the biggest hits that she really shines.

Both the lovely jazz ballad ''A Thousand True Stories'' from her latest album and the older and slightly more country-inspired ''Brevet'' show how versatile Nergaard's voice is. On the wonderful ''Wayside Song'', where Nergaard also excelled at playing the kantele, I would like to think that more than just me got goosebumps. Nergaard has a wonderful ability to make the songs more than just some tunes that are played and sung from a stage. In many ways, she creates small universes that make almost all the songs stand out from the crowd. At the same time, they are stitched together into a whole that will be remembered as varying in a positive sense.

At Thursday's concert, Nergaard got a lot of good help in creating the atmosphere from the guitarists Håvard Bendiksen and Hallgrim Bratberg. Both showed that they neither lacked talent nor empathy, and together with Nergaard they made up a great, often impressive improvising trio that showed real joy in playing. The fact that Nergaard herself takes the time to tell small stories about the songs and joke a little about her northern Norwegian heritage, ''the fishing competition that is supposed to be here this weekend'' and her fellow musicians, lightens the mood a lot and makes the good mood contagious onto the audience.

If the concert had finished after the second encore, both the audience and the reviewer would have gone home very satisfied. What made Thursday's concert unforgettable was simply the third encore. Nergaard, Bendiksen and Bratberg joined in with Michael Jackson's ''Black or White'' - much to the audience's surprise. It's a shame that there is no audio newspaper, because to describe in words the wonderful, sometimes hysterically funny, obviously improvised jam is simply difficult. But you can put it this way: Before the concert, Nergaard stated that she hoped that the Lofoten people who came to the concert would go home with a feeling of inspiration, or perhaps just a little happier.

Dear Silje: There were many of us who were very, very happy after this concert. The standing ovation was not given without reason. A warm welcome back!

Mari Rokkan