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the year 2005 - May 19.



Article in Laagendalsposten, Friday May 20. 2005



Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Nice to jazz for others

There is no doubt that the help went both ways when the Jazz Festival and SOS Children's Villages invited to a concert with Silje Nergaard and Live Maria Roggen at Energimølla yesterday.

(By:) Marte Torsdatter Leland

Two big Norwegian jazz names were reason good enough to go to a concert yesterday. But the concert experience with Silje Nergaard and Live Maria Roggen with band gave so much more than the good feeling in the stomach when Silje or Live Maria comes with their silk voices. They have both stood on Kongsberg Jazz Festival's largest stage, in Kongsberghallen, and delivered convincing performances in front of thousands of spectators.

Yesterday, they made a free appearance for a small intimate scene. It was a nice prelude to this summer's jazz. But it was still something else. The contact with the audience, playful musicians and the certainty that you are really together for someone else marked the evening.

Silje Nergaard has fronted the collaboration between the jazz festival and SOS Children's Villages all the time and has been to Malawi to see the children's village being built up.

''I think it's so good to be a part of giving something away. We have so much. We actually have everything'', she said from the stage.

The joy of giving something was probably mutual. The concert evening was characterized by both joy and unity for a good cause, but also the seriousness of the situation that many children live in in Malawi. It is one of the poorest countries in the world. HIV and AIDS have affected close to 50 percent of the population and the average life expectancy is now 36 years.

''Thank you so much for being here. All income goes straight to the jazz house. Everyone on stage and everyone around you works for free," said Martin Revheim.

Together with Silje, he has also visited the children's village.

After each their brilliant performances, Live Maria Roggen and Silje Nergaard came together with musicians and sang a song by Joni Mitchell. It was two of Norway's top jazz singers who stood together on stage for the first time. The result had to be good.

With the concert we also got pictures from the visit to Malawi which was a nice backdrop for the music and the purpose. When 5- and 6-year-olds from Kongsberg entered the stage, the purpose also became even clearer.

Kongsberg Cultural School and the municipality have collected money through the song-treasure chest project and were able to hand over a check for 21,600 kroner to SOS Children's Villages' representative in Kongsberg. Then they signed up to sing 'Det er stilig' by Trond-Viggo Torgersen. They were accompanied by Live Maria Roggens and Silje Nergaard's musicians. Then it was nice to be at a concert and it was a bit nice to be from Kongsberg.


Silje Nergaard and Stian Carstensen played around on stage during Kongsberg Jazz Festival and SOS Children's Villages' concert to raise money for the jazz house. Photo: Marte Torsdatter Leland