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the year 2004 - September 5.



Article in Innherreds Folkeblad Verdalingen, Tuesday September 7. 2004



Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Nergaard warmed

Silje Nergaard was full of praise for Stiklestad after playing there for the first time.

The performance was almost at home for the jazz singer, who was born at the retirement home in Steinkjer. After that time, she grew up in northern parts of the country before moving to Hamar.

"I have heard a lot about Stiklestad, and it was special to play here," she says. ''The audience was fantastic, and I have a good feeling after this concert.'' Nergaard is out on tour, which will continue in Oslo in the coming days. Then the trip goes to Western Norway, before other parts of Eastern Norway are visited by the popular singer. In the late autumn she will play in Germany and the USA, and in the spring she will travel to the East.

''I have been lucky and sold a good number of records both here in Norway and abroad. But it will probably take some time until the next record comes'', says Nergaard. With a desire to develop all the time, the 38-year-old feels that she needs to go a little deeper before new recordings begin.

"Touring is part of the joy, too, and the Verdal audience proved to be a nice fan base," says Silje Nergaard.

By: Kristian Stokdal


JAZZ: Popular Silje Nergaard sang at Stiklestad on Sunday night.