Silje's appearances

the year 2004 - September 3.



Article in Rana Blad, Monday September 6. 2004



Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Silje in great shape

Concert - Dice roll 6

Silje Nergaard, vocals, Tord Gustavsen, piano, Bjørn Charles Dreyer, guitar, Harald Johnsen, bass, and Andreas Bye, drums

Venue: Ramona

Audience: 200

Rana: Silje Nergaard has a good grip on the audience, and together with her band she managed to create the great atmosphere at Ramona on Friday night.

Ragnar Meidell

The last time Silje Nergaard visited Mo in Rana, I had to take out the six on the dice. It is always exciting when such an artist returns, if he or she manages to follow up on previous successes.

This concert was different, but just as successful. Nergaard has had to change the crew a bit since last time. When using top-class jazz musicians, there is always a risk that they are busy and can not go on tour.

New band

Jarle Vespestad has been replaced by Andreas Bye on drums, and Bjørn Charles Dreyer has joined on guitar and steel guitar. The latter gives the band a new dimension with his excellent guitar playing. This reviewer has never heard steel guitar used in jazz before, but it worked very well. Although most people associate this instrument with country, it was actually in the blues that it was originally used. Bjørn Charles Dreyer is a musician who knows how to show moderation in the use of effects, and he also had a uniquely good sound in his instruments at this concert.


The pianist Tord Gustavsen is already known as one of the leading jazz musicians in the country at the moment, and he has also had his international breakthrough as a solo artist.

Among other things, he did a brilliant concert with his own trio during last year's Hemnes Jazz. When Silje Nergaard last visited Mo, it was Gustavsen who did much of the concert.

This time he got some relief from Dreyer on guitar, but it is when Gustavsen takes hold that the concert rises to great heights. Too bad the sound people are not able to offer a better piano sound. It was flimsy and metallic, and did not match Dreyer's sounds.

The organizer, 4/4  had to go to Hemnesberget to borrow a piano for this concert, and it should be embarrassing for Rana municipality.


Silje Nergaard is about to become Norway's Jazz diva number 1, and she is an artist who is constantly evolving. She sings in a personal and hurtful voice, and manages to mix it with a kind of childlike joy. She also writes very nice songs, and the production seems to be in full swing. Nergaard has a winning personality on stage, and it is shown that she enjoys performing. This is contagious to the audience, and it helps to make the concert experience perfect.

Photo: Silje Nergaard is about to become Norway's Jazz diva number 1. She also proved this during the concert at Mo.                                                                              
Photo: Ragnar Meidell