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the year 2004 - August 28.


Article in Tromsø, Monday August 30. 2004



Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Saturday joy with Silje

Silje Nergaard is the pop princess who became jazz queen. Saturday night she proved why at Kulturhuset.

Silje Nergaard, with roots in Tromsø, thus left the start of the tour on home soil on Saturday night. Not only that, the concert was also the start of Tromsø Jazz Club's autumn program.

"Since this is the start of the tour, we will have a lot of energy tonight, we will see if we have the same amount of energy in three weeks", said Silje and started with the Sting song 'If you love somebody, set them free '. A song with an immediate high goosebumps factor, and thus the race was set for the next 90 minutes.

Silje Nergaard is not only a unique composer, she also has a unique voice, even though there was a bit of tour start rust in the machinery from time to time. She obviously enjoyed herself on stage in front of her four men in suits. Despite her quiet demeanor, she is the undisputed boss, chattering between the songs, dancing lightly when the musicians increase the tempo.

She served audiences songs from her entire long career (she's still young), back from the time she wrote songs for boy bands and played with guitar genius Pat Metheny. At Saturday's concert, she moved seamlessly between light pop and more jazz music, so adorable and pretty that you have to be quite thick-skinned so as not to be charmed. But it is in jazz that she has her heart, and it is not a big loss for the pop.

It is a very competent band Silje has behind her, first and foremost the pianist and guitarist. Tord Gustavsen hammered loose on the keyboards as if it were drums he was playing. When Silje finally brought out the audience favorite and the hit song 'Tell me where you're going', a song that still sits like a shot, it became a real highlight. During this song, the pianist goes completely bananas on organ and piano. He plays alternately on both instruments and is about to leave the piano stool in pure energy.

Guitarist Bjørn Charles Dreyer also did not hold back and got to excel with his skills on acoustic guitar and rhythm guitar. He also sang a little chorus. His soft guitar tones suuits Silje's vocals like velvet.

It was a pleasant Saturday night in Kulturhuset, with a lot of goodies for ears and soul. Saturday's concert was a great start - both for Silje Nergaard and Tromsø Jazzklubb. Full home win.
                                                                                                         Kjetil Vik

Concert - roll the dice 5

Silje Nergaard
Venue:  Storsalen, Kulturhuset, Tromsø
Time: Saturday night
Audience: Almost full
Musicians: Silje Nergaard, vocals, Tord Gustavsen, piano, Harald Johnsen, acoustic bass, Jarle Vespestad, drums, Bjørn Charles Dreyer, guitar.


Great start: Saturday's concert was a great start for both Silje Nergaard and Tromsø Jazz Club, according to our reviewer.