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the year 2004 - July 1.



Article in Laagendalsposten, Friday July 2. 2004



Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Silky fine Silje

Kongsberg Jazz Festival

'Silje is involved in everything that happens on stage. That's why it's fantastic to be here'', said three friends from Ål after the concert.

They drove back and forth from Ål to see, hear and experience Silje Nergaard in Kongsberghallen yesterday. It was worth the trip.
''This was unexpectedly good. It was just step and '', says Ragnhild Stave (19). She's just smiling a few seconds after Silje has left the stage for good.

Then Silje had held Ragnhild, her friends Kjersti Dalseide and Ingunn Myro and about 1800 listening others in her silky soft grip for about an hour and a half.

It's been three years since she last visited 'jazz', during which time she has become even more seductively singing and swinging. In an ultra-feminine knee-length summer dress with a ruffle edge around the neckline, Silje warmed the hall.

It was a real listening concert where many chose to close their eyes just to receive the music that was created on stage. With them to make it, Silje and the band had the Trondheim soloists and Bendik Hofseth on saxophone. A total of 18 musicians were on stage. The strings complemented the soundscape and contributed to both calm, melodic parts and broke free with the arches in a way that one has rarely seen from that side before.

''What's so fun about her is that she's involved in everything that happens on stage. It's not just Silje with her voice in a way. You see the looks they send each other and Silje who jazz up every single note'', says Ingunn Myro.

She believes there was more speed in the music than those she has seen of Silje Nergaard before.

''The solos were very structured with the musicians, it's not just Silje who does the concert. The pianist in particular was absolutely fabulous'', says her friend Ragnhild, and she knows a little what she's talking about. With a music-line background and vocals as her main instrument, she works a bit as a jazz singer herself.

''The main reason I like Silje is that she has a very personality in her voice. In a few seconds, you know it's her,'' she says.

Silje made it clear with a lot of material from her latest album ''Nightwatch'' which came out last year. Here, melodic jazz pearls lie on a string, for example: "I do not want to see you cry". Silje was able to reveal that she had never really meant for herself.

''I thought it suited a boy band better and tried to give it away, but then no one wanted it and then I had to give it to my own boy band!'' She said and got a smile from the band crew.

After the performance and the concert, there must be few who are sorry that Silje has kept this selection of compositions for her own voice.

                                                                                         Marte Torsdatter Leland
                                                                                        Jan Storfossen (photo)

At concert
•    Silje Nergaard Band with Bendik Hofseth and the Trondheim soloists. Support: Bafo Bafo (South Africa)
•    Kongsberghallen
•    Melodic jazz festival
•    1800 spectators


(Large picture) Stars: ''How am I supposed to see the stars'' Silje sang in Kongsberghallen. No doubt the audience saw a star at least.

(Small picture) Good: Kjersti Dalseide on the left, Ragnhild Stave and Ingunn Myro thought they got full credit for the trip from Ål to a concert with Silje Nergaard in Kongsberghallen.