Silje's appearances

the year 2004 - May 30.


Review in Kvinnheringen, Wednesday June 2. 2004



Translation by Dag Sirnes:

A wonderful finale

The echo from the stomping of the 400 people in the hall is probably still rolling in the walls after the wonderful concert that Silje Nergaard and her fantastic musicians served in the festival finale.

The atmosphere in the hall was electric, the audience in ecstasy and the musicians in great form when the 26th music festival ended on Sunday evening. For the kind of finale that Silje Nergaard and her music quartet delivered, you will have to look for a long time. From the first guitar riff, the actors had the almost full hall in the palm of their hand. ''The Norwegian Grammy Award Winner of the Year'' is predicted to occupy a central place among the biggest stars in the European jazz sky in the coming years. In Rosendal, Silje Nergaard showed why.

Without hesitation, she and the eminent musicians go straight to the music. In the next two hours, we get a taste of her large record production, from old material in new packaging, to her latest production ''Nightwatch''. It doesn't take many minutes before we sense a musical ensemble, as harmonious as any, but without falling into routine. They make the music more direct than you would think possible.

Silje Nergaard is modestly outgoing, charming and funny. For me, the duet with her husband Heine Totland, whom she called up on stage, was one of the highlights of the evening.

But this concert was not only about Silje Nergaard. It was just as much about four world-class musicians who lift both Silje and the audience to heaven. Through their solo parts, the musicians build up a temperature and pressure that can take most people's breath away.

In any case, I went out half-dizzy into the cool May evening after a concert that will be a memory for life.

This was a super final!

(By:) Arne Lindeflaten

Photo: Silje Nergaard and her eminent musicians took the 400 audience's breath away.