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the year 2004 - February 28.



Article in Halden Arbeiderblad, Monday March 1. 2004


Translation by Dag Sirnes:


OSLO (ANB): There was no ''Idol'' effect during the Spellemannpris ceremony before the viewers' votes earned Kurt Nilsen his only trophy. Instead, it was a ladies' night, not least for Wenche Myhre and Silje Nergaard.

Photo (no photographer provided) :

Wenche Myhre (left) had no idea that she would leave the Spellemannpris award ceremony with this year's honorary award under her arm. Silje Nergaard has waited 14 years for the mouth harp trophy in connection with the Spellemann prize.

Article in Nordstrands Blad, Wednesday March 3. 2004


Translation by Dag Sirnes:


Became Spelleman of the Year

Silje Nergaard from Ekeberg (in Oslo) was named ''Spellman (Artist) of the Year'' on Saturday. The local artists Noora Noor, Maria Mena and Ingrid Bjørnov shone on the live TV show.

Text: Trine Dahl-Johansen

Oslo: It was Silje Nergaard who was given the highest prize during the Spellemann awards on Saturday evening. The jazz artist received the award as ''Artist of the Year'', which is the first Spelleman award she has received after 14 years in the music business.

Thanked the musicians

''I have been waiting to give this speech for 14 years. Since this is now the first time I'm standing here, I want to thank all the musicians I've worked with over the years,'' said Silje Nergaard in her acceptance speech. The award was presented by Minister of Culture Valgerd Svarstad Haugland.

''Artist of the Year'' is a walking trophy, but Nergaard thought it was a prize worth having on the piano on the days she thinks she will never be able to make a song again. As a thank you for the award, Nergaard signed off by singing: Long, Long Walk.

Introduced honorary award

Ingrid Bjørnov from Holmlia had the great task of introducing this year's surprise, which had not been announced in advance. It was an honorary award, which was awarded to Wenche Myhre after 50 years in the music business. Bjørnov had made a potpourri of a number of the prize-winner's song hits and told in her unique way at the piano about Myhre's life.

Maria Mena from Skullerud and Noora Noor from Holmlia shone on the show. Both girls have just come out with their second album, and both records have received good reviews.


Artist of the Year: Silje Nergaard from Ekeberg received the award as ''Artist of the Year'' on Saturday evening.

Glamour: Noora Noor from Holmlia was a guest at the Spellemann award together with Maria Mena from Skullerud and Ingrid Bjørnov from Holmlia.

[Ekeberg, Holmlia and Skullerud are local parts of Oslo]