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the year 2004 - January 11.



Article in Bergensavisen (BA), Sunday January 11. 2004


Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Life is fantastically good 

Kurt in great form in front of a thousand Kenyan children

Mombasa (BA): ''Life is fantastically good,'' says Kurt Nilsen to BA. He gets a great response from the children at the primary school in Pingilikani.

Kurt Nilsen and Silje Nergaard sang and entertained a thousand Kenyan children yesterday. Many hours before the TV broadcast. ''I've never seen such disciplined kids before,'' Kurt tells BA, laughing.

Yesterday there was intense activity at the primary school in Pingilikani. TV2 had installed all its large equipment, all the school's pupils were invited to watch the broadcast - and Norwegian and Kenyan journalists, aid workers and artists relaxed in the intense sun.

Kurt just walked around smiling. Really enjoyed it.


The thousand kids had incredible discipline. When Kurt sang ''Love in Despair,'' they stood in a ring. Without lifting a finger or uttering a word.

Silje Nergaard is bringing her husband Heine Totland and children Erle (6) and Karla (seven months) to Kenya. She activated the Kenyan kids with singing and filming on the school grounds.

When she showed the children the live film on the mini screen of the video camera, the group got excited. The laughter echoed along the entire ridge.

''We had actually booked a holiday to Mombasa long before we were invited to be on the show. We always have to travel in January when we both have time off. Then we have to go far away to get some sun. This is the first time in Africa, so it was a stroke of luck'', says Silje to BA when everything has calmed down.

She will stay in Kenya for a week and a half after the rest of the staff at TV2 and Plan have returned home to Norway.

''I have a baby with me, so there is a lot to take into account. But she has already traveled. Have been to five countries so far.''

''What are you going to sing tonight?''

''You Send Me Flowers. I'll bring Noyota [= Noyota
Ndogo] from Kenya on the chorus. It will be exciting,'' says Silje.


There is a great contrast from the soil-filled classrooms without facilities, to the technical apparatus that accompanies a TV broadcast. But the natives were really eager yesterday.

Kurt was really intrigued.

''It's absolutely wild. Everyone stands still. And in rows'', he grins between rounds.

Even if the broadcast ends during the evening, it will be a while before he gets to see Bergen and his family in Arna again.

''I'm going straight to Oslo to record a version of Beautiful Day that will possibly be included in the international edition of my album,'' Kurt tells BA.

The record is already on its way out in Germany, Poland and Belgium - and the phone lines in Kenya are buzzing.

''I'll be home next weekend. But it will probably only be for a couple of days.''

''Do you miss your own children now?''

''Of course. But I know they are doing well at home. We talk daily on the phone,'' says Kurt.

Texst: Frank Johnsen
Photo: Arne Ristesund

Small photo:   A hand to hold. 10 - 11 January

Left photo under the article: WITH BABY: Silje Nergaard has brought her daughter Erle and her husband Heine Totland, in addition to seven-month-old Karla, to Kenya.

Right-hand photo under the article: DISCIPLINE: The children were in good order and had great discipline when they met the idol (Kurt) from Bergen.

Large photo: STAR DUO: Nyota Ndogo and Kurt Nilsen before the big show.

Article in Drammens tidende, Monday January 12. 2004


Translation by Dag Sirnes:


extract :

Plan Norway reached its goal. More than 9,000 sponsors were enlisted during this year's sponsorship campaign on TV2.

''Those who have enlisted have made a good choice,'' says general secretary Sandro Parmeggiani in Plan Norway.

He promises that the organization will manage the money in a proper way.

''We will use the money to give children much better growing conditions than what they have now. We will do that all over the world,'' says Parmeggiani.

The artists Silje Nergaard and Frode Alnęs were on Sunday at a primary school near Mombasa together with presenter Sara Natasha Melbye.


CELEBRITY ASSISTANCE HELPED. The singer Silje Nergaard together with local children in Mombasa in connection with Plan Norges Fadderaksjon on TV2 on Saturday.   Photo: Scanpix