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the year 2003 - November 7.



Article in Dalane Tidende, Monday November 10. 2003



Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Jazz charm resulted in cheers in the Culture Center

DT review: Frøydis Bredeli

She manages what few other jazz artists can; she excites most people. On Friday, an almost full Egersund culture house was thrilled by Silje's shy charm.

Getting Silje Nergaard to the Dalane Cultural Festival was a stroke of luck for the organizers. The tour she is on, has (otherwise) only the largest cities as stops, but then it fit with the festival opening in Egersund.

''Have I been here before?'', she asked initially and put in her first charm offensive: ''It's nice here!''

It does not matter if an artist does not have a full account of previous tour routes as long as she can sing like Silje Nergaard. She and the band have a repertoire that spans far and wide.

NORSKTOPPEN: Some people think jazz can be boring. Silje is far from falling into that trap. Strong melodic jazz with sophisticated arrangements is a description used about her style. But then it is no more sophisticated than that she ended up at Norsktoppen (a NRK radio program listing the current most popular melodies) on Saturday. She was obviously a little proud of that. Just before she went on stage in the culture house, she had been called by Vidar Lønn Arnesen who announced the promotion with "I do not want to see you cry". The location on Norsktoppen also says something about people being able to recognize and appreciate musical quality.

Some believe that the foremost quality lies in Silje Negaard's distinctive voice. In the culture house, she also showed how well she can make it fit the band's instruments. Her regular accompanists are pianist Tord Gustavsen, bassist Harald Johnsen, and drummer Jarle Vespestad, as well as newcomer Hallgrim Bratberg on guitar. Throughout the concert, they gave everything from hefty jazz rock-like sessions to quiet parts with classical-sounding piano and guitar. And between the extremes, varied good sound tumbled from the stage. Maybe it's the variety people like? Regardless, the style offers many different and exciting expressions.

BABY GOOD SOUND: The Dalene audience took the opportunity to clap the musicians again after a concert that lasted an hour and a half. Silje returned to the stage with her six-month-old daughter, Karla, who debuted with baby good sound in the microphone. To the mother's great pride!

Silje Nergaard has recently released a record and is played on radio late and early. Thus, it was perhaps a little strange that there were 25 empty chairs left in the back of the hall. Worst for those who did not get a beautiful concert!

''At first light'' was the first jazz record to enter number one on the album chart in Norway. It achieved great sales. Now Silje Nergaard is probably on her way to the same success with the sequel "Nightwatch". No need to wonder if the local record sales can record a peak for Silje's releases after Friday's concert.


SPECIAL VOICE: Some believe that the foremost quality lies in Silje's distinctive voice. In the culture house, she also showed how well she can make it fit the band's instruments. 
Foto: Frøydis Bredeli