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the year 2003 - October 21.



Article in Helgeland Arbeiderblad, Tuesday October 21. 2003



Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Takes part in a large-scale hospital action

''There is no doubt that this is a great people's movement. Not just in the name.'' Gunnvald Lindset

With jazz singer Silje Nergaard on the team, the stage is set for funky rhythms when hospital activists from the country's nooks and crannies meet in front of Stortinget (The Parliament) today.

By: Marit Almendingen

"Dagsrevyen (TV news) was immediately interested when they heard that Silje Nergaard is appearing for free for the action," smiles Gunnvald Lindset, the leader of the People's Action for the (local) hospital in Mosjøen.

The hospital activists have learned their lesson: Solid background knowledge, broad mobilization with professionals and enthusiasts who pull in the same direction, information online and some goodies that get the national media interested.

On Tuesday, there is a demonstration in front of the Storting building. Activists, local politicians led by mayors, trade unions and health professionals from all five regional health authority areas participate.

''There is no doubt that this is a great people's movement. Not just in the name'', concludes Gunnvald Lindset. Recently, more than 4,000 people demonstrated in Gjøvik in support of the local hospital. Several thousand demonstrated in Rjukan.

"The hospital action is perhaps the largest nationwide public action in Norway now," says Lindset.

The people's movement for the local hospitals demands a real political treatment of the situation within the health regions this autumn.

"In addition, the democratic rules of the game in the design of the hospital offer must be reintroduced," says Gunnvald Lindset.

On Tuesday, the activists will have some of the decision-makers speak. Six of the members of the Storting's social committee have promised to attend.

''Asmund Kristoffersen (Labor Party) who was the spokesperson for the hospital reform will answer on behalf of the politicians. We are curious about what he has to say'', Lindset says.


Silje for the local hospitals: The activists are helped by Silje Nergaard to put the spotlight on the downsizing of the local hospitals. (Photo: Stine Skipnes)