Silje's appearances

the year 2002


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date place, country / broadcast venue details
February 1
Larvik. Norway
Kafé Kurth
Silje Nergaard Band: Silje with Jarle Vespestad (drums) and Stian Carstensen (accordion)
February 13 Oslo, Norway Gamle Logen start Norwegian Tour; with a 12 person string orchestra
February 17
Kongsberg, Norway
Norwegian Tour; Silje with Stian Carstensen (accordion) and Jarle Vespestad (drums)
advertisement and review
February 18 Sogndal, Norway
Meieriet (The Diary)
Silje with Stian Carstensen (accordion) and Jarle Vespestad (drums)

February 21     TV recording - NRK
March 6 Moss, Norway Gimle Kultursenter Norwegian Tour
March 7 Lillestrøm, Norway Lillestrøm Kultursenter Norwegian Tour
March 8 Trondheim, Norway Studentersamfundet Norwegian Tour
March 10/11 Lisbon, Portugal   promotional activities
March 12 Narvik, Norway Folkets Hus
Norwegian Tour
March 13 Alta, Norway Kultursalen Norwegian Tour
March 14 Tromsø, Norway
Norwegian Tour
March 15 Mo i Rana, Norway
on Norwegian TV
Meyergården Norwegian Tour
TV appearance in Trond-Viggos show, together with Ole Paus
March 16 Bergen, Norway Norges Handelshøyskole NHH (Norwegian School of Management), auditorium
Norwegian Tour
March 17 Nesbyen, Norway   Norwegian Tour
March 20 Sandefjord, Norway Hjertnes Kulturhus
Norwegian Tour
March 21 Haugesund, Norway Festiviteten
Norwegian Tour
March 22 Voss, Norway Fleischer's Hotel - top spot Vossajazz, Norwegian Tour
March 23 Stavanger, Norway Folken,  Storsalen Norwegian Tour
April 4 Amsterdam, Netherlands Bimhuis Jazz Centre European Tour; Silje (vocals), Tord Gustavsen (piano), Harald Johnson (bass) and Jarle Vespestad (drums)
April 6 Mainz, Germany   European Tour
April 7 Köln, Germany
European Tour
April 8 Hamburg, Germany Mojo Klub European Tour
April 9 Leipzig, Germany
European Tour
April 10 Berlin, Germany Tränenpalast European Tour
April 12 München, Germany Jazzklub Unterfahrt European Tour
April 17
Oslo, Norway
Oslo Konserthus 
Jazz Akademiet (a concert series); Silje with orchestra
April 22 Milano, Italy la Salumeria della musica European Tour
April 23 Zürich, Switserland
European Tour
April 24 Lisbon (Oeiras), Portugal Auditório Municipal
Eunice Muñoz
European Tour
May 13 München, Germany
closed concert with the Royal couple (crown prince Haakon and crown princess Mette-Marit), diplomats and corporate executives
May 14 Köln, Germany
closed concert with the Royal couple (crown prince Haakon and crown princess Mette-Marit), diplomats and corporate executives
May 15/16 Hamburg, Germany   closed concert with the Royal couple (crown prince Haakon and crown princess Mette-Marit), diplomats and corporate executives
May 17 Eidsvoll, Norway
with Arve Henriksen, Stian Carstensen and Eidsvoll Storband
June 5 Madrid, Spain  
June 6 Barcelona, Spain El Sol
June 8 Langesund, Norway kulturhuset Wrightegaarden  
June 17 ?

awarded with the Coop music prize
June 17-22 London, United Kingdom Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club, 47 Frith Street  
June 28 Kaiserslautern, Germany Kammgarn Kaiserslautern Jazz Festival
June 29 Kassel, Germany Drahtbrücke Kassel Jazz Festival
June 30 Minden, Germany

July 2 Aachen, Germany   Aachen Jazz Festival
July 4 Montreal, Canada Club Soda Montreal Jazz Festival
July 13 Den Haag, Netherlands

on Dutch TV

Netherlands Congress Centre, Roof Terrace North Sea Jazz Festival
in a program about the Festival; with an interview about her sudden success as a jazz-singer and two (recorded) songs from this concert (Keep on backing losers and Be still my heart)
July 16-18 Perugia, Italy Oratorio Santa Cecilia Umbria Jazz Festival
July 20 Vitoria, Spain Polideportivo de Mendizorroza Heineken Vitoria Jazz Festival, Verve Night
July 26 Edinburgh, United Kingdom The Hub Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival
July 27 Arendal, Norway Boy Leslie [a boat], which was moored - in Arendal harbour - at Poppes Plass [Poppe's Square]
Arendal Jazzfestival (Canal Street)
August 8 Hamarøy, Norway Hamarøy Church (Presteid) Hamsunfestivalen
August 11 Nes, Norway Kirkeruin Elvefestivalen; open air concert
article and review
August 16 Den Haag, Netherlands Zuiderpark Zuiderpark Jazz Festival
August 23 Jena, Germany Kulturarena  
September 5 Trondheim, Norway Trondheim Kammermusikkfestival with strings
September 6 Hamar, Norway Hamarhallen Hamar Musik Festival
September 7 on national Swedish TV (TV 4)

in the pogram BingoLotto, among other musical guests
September 21 Sortland, Norway   Sortland Jazzweekend
October 4 Köln, Germany
Norwegian double-program with Mari Boime, Kölner Philharmonie
October 5 Heidelberg, Germany Atrium of the Forschungszentrum der Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG  
October 8 Rüsselsheim, Germany Rüsselsheimer Jazz-Fabrik
October 9 Karlsruhe, Germany Jazzclub  
October 29 Oslo, Norway Rockefeller Music Hall 'New Songs Gig', with a lot of songs that will be on next year's album; Silje with her regular trio, Tord Gustavsen (piano), Harald Johnsen (double bass) and Jarle Vespestad (drums) and several guest musicians like: Hallgrim Brattberg, Nils Einar Vinjor and Georg "Jojje" Wadenius (on guitars), Arve Henriksen (trumpet);
in total there were 13 artists on stage with Silje
October 30 Antwerpen, Belgium Arenbergschouwburg Audi Jazz Festival
November 18 Singapore Mileu, 180 Orchard Road (Peranakan Place) Asian Tour
November 19 Singapore   Asian Tour
November 20 Macao, China Small Auditorium of Macau Culural Centre Asian Tour
November 21 Hong Kong, China Concert Hall Asian Tour
November 22 Hong Kong, China Concert Hall Asian Tour
promo material
November ? Seoel (South-Korea), Taiwan and Japan   these places were also visited in the Asian Tour; Taiwan and Japan were visited after Hong Kong
November 26 on Japanese radio (Love FM)
in an interview on Love FM, an international Japanese radio station, in the weeknight show called "Insight"
November 28 Oslo, Norway Konserthus, Lillesal 30 year anniversary of the Department of Enviroment, among other artists
December 15 on Norwegian TV (TV2)
in telephone-panel during the broadcasting 'Fadderaksjonen sendes fra Senegal', for the benefit of Plan
? perhaps this year and when not it probably was one of the years before Oslo, Norway NISS Silje is 'surprise-guest' for the education for musician students at NISS - the Nordic Institute of Stage and Studio 

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