Silje's appearances

the year 2002 - August 11.



Article in Glåmdalen, Saturday August 3. 2002


Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Silje - from the world to Nes

''There's always a first time'', Silje sings on her latest CD. Now she sings for the first time in Nes.

Silje Nergaard, one of the most unique vocalists in the international jazz arena at the moment, comes from the world to Nes. It really revolves around Nergaard's seventh album, ''At first light''. The distinctive voice, which has been described by critics as "girly", has brought her around the world. On the latest album, Nergaard herself is behind nine of the twelve songs and the album has been very well received.

Silje Nergaard is the only European artist who passed the eye of the needle to take part in the Verve Now Tour, which has brought her to Spain, England, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and not least Germany. She has participated in several major international jazz festivals, such as The North Sea Jazz Festival in The Hague.

In the autumn, Nergaard travels with a band to the USA and in November she will be on stage in Hong Kong. With international recognition and great success in the last couple of years, Silje Nergaard and band are ready for Elvefestivalen (The River Festival) in Nes, where she offers her beautiful, distinctive voice in beautiful surroundings in Nes church ruins.

Silje Nergaard
with band.
Concert in
Nes church ruins
Sunday, August 11th
at 19.00
Ticket price NOK 250

[About Nes church ruins:

The church ruins in Nes in Akershus county are located at Disen by the headland where the rivers Glomma and Vorma meet. The church ruins are a popular gathering place for weddings, services, concerts and other cultural activities. The church was built on a sacrificial site from pre-Christian times.

The original church building was from the 12th century. The church was set on fire during the war against Sweden in 1567, but was rebuilt later. The church burned down again in 1854 after a lightning strike and was not rebuilt due to the danger of landslides.]

Article in Romerikes Blad, Monday August 12. 2002


Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Love in the open air

Silje Nergaard
Nes church ruins, Sunday night

The first steps on the jazz scene were taken by Hamar girl Silje Nergaard as a 16-year-old at the jazz festival in Molde. The last steps she took in the church ruins in Nes on Sunday night. Then she warmed the audience in an otherwise cool summer evening.

For it is the heat that is Silje Nergaard's musical masterpiece. And her care treatment of the melodic lines. The concert program as such this Sunday was not markedly profiled or varied. She stuck to English-texted songs, despite two CDs with Norwegian lyrics 'on her conscience'.

The opening ''So sorry for your love'', from her latest and critically acclaimed CD, ''At first light'', led on to the title song from this CD. After a beautiful rendition of Sting's "Set them free", we heard her own "Shame on you". ''Unbreakable Heart'', ''Keep on backing loosers'' crept carefully but firmly between the ruin walls before a long and sonorous piano solo introduced her giant hit, ''Be still my heart''. And then she had a funny version of James Taylor's "Traffic Jam".

Silje Nergaard had some new songs on the program, such as the light rock song "Take a long, long walk".

As extra numbers she had "Japanese Blue" and Evert Taube's lullaby, "Bussan lull". And masterfully accompanied by Tord Gustavsen on piano, Harald Johnsen on bass and Ullensaker's Jarle Vespestad on drums.

Yes, Silje Nergaard is a formidable interpreter of jazz ballads. For it is ballads she knows best. Her voice, which is far less hoarse than what I have heard before, almost caresses every single note. She treats the ballads with a believable love.

When the music - the sounds and the beautiful tones - are like a love pact between the artist and the audience, something goes wrong when the most important thing is missing. Closeness.

Nes church ruins are picturesque and beautiful, as Silje Nergaard also expressed. But the brick walls give such a concert an too cold frame. The sensuality of her expression gets a distance problem precisely on a scene like this.

Silje Nergaard loves in the open air. That act of love should have taken place elsewhere. Where we can feel the closeness. And smell it. Music is not just for the ears.

                                                                                                          Jan Rudolf Pettersen

Jazz ballads: It warmed well with the melodic jazz ballads of Silje Nergaard during the concert in Nes church ruins on Sunday night. Photo: Geir Egil Skog