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the year 2002 - August 8.



Article in Avisa Nordland, Thursday August 8. 2002



Translation by Dag Sirnes:

The Jazz Queen in Hamar°y church

Tonight it is ready for a new highlight during the Hamsun Days: Concert with Silje Nergaard and her band in Hamar°y church.

ěyvind A. Olsen

Hamar°y: "I was not aware that we were going to perform in the church, but as long as there is a good room and a good audience, it is OK, even if it is not church-related music we perform", says Silje Nergaard to Avisa Nordland .

Nergaard's career has really taken off in recent years. Her latest album "At First Light", has received rave reviews and sold very well.

"The material for the concert will be from my last two record releases, as well as some new material," says Nergaard before her only performance in northern Norway this summer. She's looking forward to that.


''We have had to say no to a number of assignments because we have chosen to concentrate on foreign countries. This summer we have toured in Europe and Canada. After Hamar°y we will go to Germany and Holland, and in November to Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. We are also going on tour in Spain'', says a pleasant Silje Nergaard.

She knows how to appreciate the success she is experiencing these days.


''I have been with this for a long time and am humble in relation to the success. I hope the explanation for it going so well first and foremost is that I have made a good record where the melodies are present.''

"You are often characterized as Norway's new jazz queen."

''It's a title the media uses. It is of course flattering, but what I perform is not only jazz, but also contains other styles, including pop. It is not possible to put my music in any particular category. I'm happy about that'', says Silje Nergaard.


Almost at home. With roots in Troms° and Kve°ya outside Harstad, as well as family in Bod°, Silje Nergaard is almost at home tonight.  

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Silje's latest album has garnered rave reviews.