Silje's appearances

the year 2002 - March 21.



Article in Haugesunds Avis, Friday March 22. 2002



Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Warm evening with Silje


Silje Nergaard Band:
Tord Gustavsen (piano / keyboard)
Harald Johnsen (bass)
Jarle Vespestad (drums)

The meeting with Silje Nergaard became more than a concert with Silje; rather, we got two jazz concerts in one, thanks to three musicians in top form.

And the main character himself let them go. Though - had they really been possible to stop? We have here first and foremost in mind the keyboard master Tord Gustavsen, who at times took the breath away from the audience. But also Jarle Vespestad got to show himself as a magician on drums, both when he imperceptibly drove the songs forward in intelligent interaction with bassist Harald Johnsen and Gustavsen's sensitive and at times heartbreakingly precise encounter with his keyboards. Johnsen also had an opportunity to get loose with humorous and virtuoso treatment of the strings on his acoustic bass from 1860.

Silje Nergaard herself appeared with vocal elegance. She mastered quick improvisations as easily as the more melancholy parts of the concert. And with full rhythmic control, it was just to enjoy the charming atmosphere.

In just under an hour and a half, we got a taste of both the last two CD releases, ''Port of Call'' and ''At First Light''. In addition, several other songs from previous releases or her live repertoire.

What she does not master is outside the musical. Her body language is monotonous, and she communicates verbally much more easily with her own musicians than with the audience. With her eyes closed in addition, it was not as easy to feel that there were 250 souls in the hall she wanted to communicate with.

But having said that - Silje Nergaard, with great honor to the band and a technically good soundscape, managed to create a warm evening with nourishment for both body and soul.

Bjarte Amble


Elegant: Vocal elegance from Silje Nergaard, well lifted by strong musicians, among them bassist Harald Johnsen (left)                                                                                   Photo: Kjell Strand