Silje's appearances

the year 2002 - March 13.



Review in Finnmark Dagblad, Friday, March 15, 2002



Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Silje sang and charmed

This was the night for beautiful singing, double bass, grand piano and jazzy drum solos. Silje Nergaard arrived late, but well.

Silje Nergaard broke through in the early 90's as a pop artist. "Tell me where you're going" became a hit outside national borders as well. But it was as a jazz vocalist she started. And luckily, now she's that again.

Concert with 'sting'

Like Åsleik Engmark a couple of days in advance, Silje Nergaard was also delayed due to (the airline) SAS. But I did not wait in vain, I waited for something good.

She began calmly with her velvety, sparkling clear voice. ''At first light''. From the first note, she allowed her finely honed musicians to add character to the concert. She continued with the Sting classic "If you love somebody, set them free" in a slower but very stylish jazz version.

Vulnerably beautiful

Equally soaring, she performed "Let there be love" and, not least, "Shame on you". She introduced the latter song as follows: ''Here comes our hit song. One of many hit songs. Yes, we've had so many hits that it's buzzing. But this one was at the Norwgian Top List. Then it's a hit, isn't it?''

The best moment of the evening, in my opinion 'was the classic "Two sleepy people", which Silje sang only to the tune of the double bass. A risky and vulnerable format, but with Silje's vocal splendor, the result was timelessly beautiful.

Not crowded

Towards the end came the old Prince song "I feel for you". Also in a standard jazz expression, slower, but at the same time more detailed than the original.

Silje has undoubtedly taken a solid step in the right jazz direction in recent years. Of course, she did not play "Tell me where you're going". I definitely did not miss it. It was far worse that so few had turned up to hear her. So, it was not crowded in the Culture Hall, just around 100 people. With so many seats available, I got the feeling of sitting alone in the hall. Therefore, I understand that Silje only gave the audience one song as the final extra number this evening. However, '' Japanese Blue '' was a dignified, beautiful and blue finale for a concert with vocal splendor and magnificent musicians at the center.

Frode M. Gjerald

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On stage:
    Silje Nergaard (with band)
Place and time:
    Alta Culture Hall, Wednesday night
    Ca. 100
    The student week in Alta is in progress
The songs:
So Sorry, At first light, If you love, Let there be love, Always a first time, Shame on you, Be still my heart, Tina, Backing loosers, Two sleepy people, I feel for you, Japanese Blue

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Photo: Silje Nergaard played for an uncrowded Culture Hall in Alta on Wednesday. (Photo: Frode M. Gjerald)