Silje's appearances

the year 2002 - February 17.



Advertisement in Laagendalsposten, Wednesday February 13. 2002



Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Silje Nergaard

Silje Nergaard will come and play for us during Uka-02 at Bykroa on Sunday 17 February at 20.00.

This will be a concert with material from her entire career, but mostly from her latest album.

This is a concert you should not miss. Silje Nergaard has received an incredible amount of praise for her latest album and it bodes well for the concert during Uka-02.



Silje Nergaad - ''At First Light''

''At First Light'' (Universal Music), Silje Nergaard's seventh studio album, shows her not only as one of the most unique vocalists in today's jazz scene, but also as an experienced songwriter. Nine of the twelve songs on the album are written by Silje Nergaard herself, and the release emphasizes her role as a creative artist with a solid grip on composing. ''At First Light'' offers a well-sounding soundscape with sophisticated harmonious textures and rhythms mixed with seductive melodies. Together, the album forms an image of an artist in strong artistic and personal growth, where Silje Nergaard seriously shapes her identity in today's jazz.

UKA-02  Students' culture week at Kongsberg;
Advertisement Laagendalsposten, Wednesday February 13. 2002



Program of the Students' culture week
Advertisement in Laagendalsposten, Tuesday February 12. 2002

Review in Laagendalsposten, Tuesday February 19. 2002


Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Full hit with Silje

The mood was one hundred - and so was the audience. The student week got a full hit with Sunday's concert with Silje Nergaard, and they fully deserved it.

Thor Øverland

She was announced as "Silje with band", and those who were most surprised by it were probably the artists themselves. It was not a big band. Silje only brought with him accordionist Stian Carstensen and drummer Jarle Vespestad. But it quickly turned out to be enough. First-class musicians who followed the singer like two shadows when it was right, or got loose in virtuoso solo playing when it suited them best. And it often did.

Over a hundred had found their way to Bykroa in Kongsberg to experience Silje on Sunday night. Although the students seemed to be in the majority if we are to go by age, it was a varied audience that got to experience a committed singer.

Many may think that Silje set "safe" by starting the concert with standard songs from the jazz repertoire, but it did not take many beats before it turned out that her versions were far from standard. She gave the songs a completely personal touch, and in addition, the two musicians made sure to add extra dimensions to them. In particular, Stian Carstensen's play was of a rare class. Accordion playing is not what you are most used to hearing in a jazz context, but here it was playing in the spirit of Art van Dame. Stian made the instrument swing to the point that the audience was totally carried away and interrupted him with applause in the middle of the driving solo part. "It's not the end yet," he exclaimed and carried on. The applause did not diminish when he finally announced '' now I'm done ''.

Gradually, Silje has had several record productions behind her, both with standard songs and her own things. Thus, she has a lot to take away in a concert context, and was able to present a good and varied program for those who had found their way to Bykroa on Sunday. They were many - but should have been more, because this was a concert the jazz city Kongsberg worthy.


MOOD: Silje Nergaard and Bykroa had a lot of fun on Sunday. (Photo: Tarand Klundelien)