Silje's appearances

the year 2001 - November 3.



Article in Kragerų Blad Vestmar, Friday November 2. 2001



Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Silje Nergaard Band at Cęsar Saturday

Then the time has come for what we have been waiting for so long. This coming Saturday, Kragerų Jazz Club will be visited by Silje Nergaard and her sparkling band. - The headlines have been big lately.

Following the success of the CD ''Port of Call'', it has really taken off for these eminent musicians. There were 6 dice rolls in almost all newspapers, and major festival jobs and assignments abroad.

"A vocalist in full bloom, breathtaking, melancholy, perfect feeling, empathy and rhythmic control," wrote Aftenposten, among other things. (Dice roll 6)

The ''Verve now''-tour is a tour that presents two talented artists in jazz: An American and a non-American, and as the only European, Silje was chosen for this honorable assignment, with concerts in a number of European countries and received rave reviews .

People were very curious about the follow-up to "Port of Call". Now it's here, ''At first light'', also the one with excellent reviews.

''A breathtaking development for a young jazz vocalist, who just rises and rises, - for where will this end? She must be Norway's most free and natural vocalist at the moment. Magnificent!'', this is some of what Aftenposten writes. (Dice roll 6)

Dagbladet: ''It's not just the splendor of her voice, but she shows herself again as a very talented composer. Strikingly good!'' (Dice roll 5)

Silje Nergaard is back where she started, as a jazz vocalist, 16 years old. And as if that were not enough, ''At first light'' went as the first jazz album in first place on VG's hit list and got dice roll 6 in VG's review.

It is a brilliantly mature vocalist, a distinctive personal composer, and an artist who effortlessly communicates with her audience, we will meet.

We will hear melodic, pleasant music that reaches everyone, from Silje's own compositions and from old classic standard songs.

Her quartet does not consist of just anybodies. The musicians belong to the absolute top tier in Norwegian jazz, whether they are old or young. But they are young: Tord Gustavsen, piano, Harald Johnsen, bass, Jarle Vespestad, drums.

We are really looking forward to this concert, and we are sure that our responsive audience will welcome these eminent musicians.

And please take the seats well in advance of the concert start.

A warm welcome to the audience and the same to Silje Nergaard Band.

                                                                                   Odd Nyland Jacobsen,
                                                                    Kragerų Jazz and folk song club

Photo: Silje Nergaard is a brilliant mature vocalist.