Silje's appearances

the year 2001 - October 17.



advertisement in Finnmarken, Tuesday October 16. 2001

Article in Finnmarken, Wednesday October 17. 2001



Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Jazz star to Vadsų

Silje Nergaard with trio comes to Vadsų and plays on Wednesday. It will be the only opportunity to experience her here in Finnmark county on her new tour. After Vadsų, only Bodų and Harstad are visited by Nergaard in northern Norway.

Silje Nergaard is up to date with her new CD ''At first light''. It has received glittering reviews and has been in first place on the VG list top 20.

After the concert premiere on her new tour at Rockefeller in Oslo, Silje got six on the dice by VG's concert reviewer. He was overjoyed after Nergaard's performance. Both music, performance and intensity were impeccable.

"She surpassed herself," was his comment.

In Vadsų, Silje plays at Nobile. Vadsų Jazz Club promises that they will do their utmost to give the audience a pleasant evening. And according to VG's reviewer, you can trust that Silje does the rest.