Silje's appearances

the year 1999 - October 29.


article in ěstlands-Posten, Thursday October 28. 1999

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Exciting autumn at the gallery

By: Cecilie Gjerken Rakke


The intimate atmosphere of  Det Gule Galleriet (The Yellow Gallery) attracts musicians who bee to the famous honey pot. This autumn is no exception, the events are in line at the cozy cafe in Stavern.

First woman out is Silje Nergaard. On Friday, she brings her musician friends Stian Carstensen and Jarle Vespestad - with accordion and drums, respectively. Silje has managed to release as many as five solo albums with her own songs, published here at home and abroad. The trio comes to the gallery to seduce the audience with their distinctive repertoire - consisting of playful pop jazz with deep-felt seriousness as a tantalizing undertone.

Silje Nergaard has had a close relationship with jazz since she was discovered by Randi Hultin as a 16-year-old. Even then, she was described as a great jazz talent.

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Responsive: Silje Nergaard is among the contributors at Det Gule Galleriet this autumn. Already tomorrow she is in place in Stavern.