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the year 1999 - August 21.


article in Øvre Smaalenene, Friday August 20. 1999;
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Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Critical in 1985 - Impressed in 1999

Petter Nome appeared in Dagsrevyen (news program) about a successful boycott of Momarkedet in 1985. Tomorrow he himself is the program manager on the market stage.

Mysen: ''It was during the cultural boycott in 1985. Cliff Richard and Shirley Bassey had performed in apartheid-ruled South Africa, but were still allowed to perform at Momarkedet. I made a semi-critical report. In the rain one hour before the show started, I announced a successful boycott: 'because there are almost no people here'. Today I just have to admit that the assessment did not quite hit. When the show started, it was packed in front of the stage'', says Nome.


Today, he absolutely takes off his hat for what Momarkedet stands for.
"That some half-crazy enthusiasts in the Red Cross at Mysen are doing this for the 50th time is nothing short of impressive," he says. He states that it was not difficult to persuade him to be the program host.

''This is a great production with solid names. To me, a program can be popular, as the market show undeniably is. Some TV communities have begun to fear the popular, and have resorted to snobbery tendencies. It's time to rebel.''

''Nothing bad is said about Kari Bremnes and the Oslo Chamber Choir, but it can be too much of a subtle thing. 'The Hansen family' should also have theirs'', says Nome.
Already yesterday, the first rehearsals began for the show. Nothing is left to chance.
''This should be a show that stands out. A 50th anniversary is not something you have every day'', says marketing general Trond Lie.

He himself places particular hopes on Irish Riverdance - and not least the biggest fireworks ever in Momarkedet's 50-year history. The fireworks end the TV show.

We can probably expect a slightly more serious profile than usual. The Red Cross' trademarks, including refugee work, will be duly highlighted.

"After all, we must not forget why we run Momarkedet," says Lie.

Gunnar Fjellengen


SINGING LADIES: Marianne Antonsen (left), Silje Nergaard and Anita Skorgan made it sound good already during the first rehearsals on the market stage.

CONTROL: Marketing General Trond Lie (right) and Bjørn Myhre check that everything is well at the stage.

NEW ROLE: Petter Nome made a critical report for Dagsrevyen about a boycott of the Momarked show in 1985. Tomorrow he will be the host.