Silje's appearances

the year 1999 - August 14.


Advertisement in Finnmarken, Saturday August 14. 1999

article in Finnmarken, Tuesday August 17. 1999

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Not Silje's night

The Varanger Festival

Vadsø: "Are you doing well?", Silje Nergaard asked in an attempt to get the audience's attention. But they seemed more concerned with talking to the side man than listening to what was happening on stage.

By: Eva Marie Strand    (Both photos: Amund Sjølie Sveen)

She has charm, she has charisma, a very upbeat band and a beautiful singing voice, and that is exactly why she deserved better!

When we entered the basement of the hotel on Saturday night, the space was not exactly cramped, and the atmosphere was not to be felt. There was not much atmosphere. But even though there were few listeners, they managed to keep the noise level so high that the music only became background music. And in the first section, the songs were also calm; table music that served as background music.


But Silje did not give up on getting hold of the audience. In the second section, she came back strongly with, among other things, "a song that goes so fast that no one knows what it's about", "Traffic Jam" and "They can not take that away from me". We could sense some rapping from the stage, and it obviously appealed to the audience.

Tord Gustavsen impressed with piano solo, and drummer Jarle Vespestad had an exciting solo that began calmly and eventually included the entire drum set.

It must be said that the accompaniment consisting of Jarle Vespestad on drums, Harald Johnsen on double bass and pianist Tord Gustavsen did an excellent job. It was clear that they had played with Silje before, they emphasized her clear and beautiful voice, at the same time as they excelled at solo parts.

But as I said: Silje Nergaard quartet deserved better. In any case, the audience did not help to back up a previously cautious, but skilled jazz singer.


ELEGANT: The Silje Nergaard Quartet was a very coordinated group, which emphasizes each other. Silje Nergaard in front and Harald Johnsen on double bass in the background.

OWN-PRODUCED SONGS: Silje Nergaard writes and arranges some herself. She served us, among other things, The Waltz at Nobile on Saturday night.