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the year 1997 - December 31.



Article in Haugesunds Avis, Wednesday December 31. 1997

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Inspire each other

By: Kristine Sele

They look forward to 1998. Both will make records in the coming year - moreover, they hope to sing together at Sildajazz in Haugesund in the summer.

But first there is a New Year's celebration at Skogbu for Silje Nergaard and Heine Totland. There they will delight the BÝmlo people with their song tonight.

''Yes, we believe that 1998 will be another exciting year for us,'' they say, who can also look back on a special year, when they became parents to little Erle.

For Moster guy Heine, this autumn has been good, with many challenging jobs, including 22 Christmas concerts in the ''Silent Night'' series. There he alternated with ōystein Wiik.

Before Christmas, they both (Heine and Silje) sang solo in the Salvation Army's Christmas concert broadcast by NRK. Heine is best known as a member of the choir Gli Scapoli.

''Are you now in the process of establishing yourself as a solo artist?''

''I hope so. Ideally, I would like to combine a solo career with Gli Scapoli, which is a special concept, and which may now be facing an international launch. In the past, we have had assignments in several countries, such as England. There we have sung for Prince Charles several times, and before Christmas we were in Liverpool and sang for many football stars. It was fun, smiles the Moster guy.


In two weeks he will be heading to Amsterdam together with conductor Reza Aghamir and a couple of others from the choir. There they will try to convince the powerful men at the record company Phillips Classics that they should go for a Gli Scapoli launch worldwide.

''Gli Scapoli will record a new album in the autumn. Otherwise, I will work on my own things eventually. I'm trying to find my own style, which direction to go. It will probably be on the border between jazz, soul and classical,'' he says.

Silje Nergaard has five albums behind her, three in English and two in Norwegian. In February, she goes into the studio to record her sixth album, which will be a playful pop-jazz album. It will also be launched in Japan. She composes and performs her own things, and since she was 19 (she is now 31) has worked purposefully to develop herself.

''It goes up and down in our business, but for me my own development is the most important thing. Heine inspires me, and I think I inspire him too,'' Silje smiles and Heine agrees.

''Sure, we're good at backing each other up, and even though we work in the same business, we don't feel like we're competing against each other,'' he assures.

Photo: The Moster guy Heine Totland is proud to be from BÝmlo (municipality). Roommate Silje Nergaard has also grown fond of the island and its people and is happy to visit Heine's home place. HA met the two on a shopping trip at Svortland. Photo: Kristine Sele