Silje's appearances

the year 1997 - December 26



Article in the newspaper Gjengangeren, Monday December 29. 1997.

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Up-jazzet Silje

People flocked to "Andre" (*) on the Hotel Grand Ocean even before it was eight o'clock. There, Silje Nergaard was working on a delayed sound check and gave the guests a small taste of the evening's main concert. She started at eight o'clock and played in a packed room.

Erik W. Graver
Torkild Steinrud (photo)

This evening's Silje Nergaard was somewhat different from what we know her from the records. She sang laid-back samba jazz with Nils Einar Vinjord on guitar and Stian Carstensen on accordion.

'' My records are pop, but I like to sing jazz too. I do that at many of the concerts; it is important to get an outlet for both parts '', she says. Gjengangeren got a few words before the concert with Silje Nergaard, who hoped that it would be possible to drown out the audience at Hortensjazzen.


"I've heard it's getting a little rough here, and I'm used to the 'pin audience' '," she says.

Silje Nergaard's gloomy predictions came true during the concert. The people's talk was loud, and it was low under the roof inside Andre and the sound was bad.

'' This is hopeless. And it is not possible to turn up the music, because then the fuses go '', she says to Gjengangeren during the break. However, the mood rose sharply after the break, perhaps after people became aware of who was on stage. The people of Horten town listened to the music with great interest and the dance floor also became full eventually.

New album

Nergaard says that she will record a album next year, and that it will contain pop jazz. Nergaard will also sing in English.

'' There are primarily musical reasons why I sing in English. But it would have been nice if I got some records in circulation abroad as well. I have an audience there, and Norway is a bit small. But it is not possible to decide to make success abroad '', says Silje Nergaard.

(*)   'Andre' in Norwegian means 'second'. So I guess 'Andre' here must mean a hall at 2nd floor.