Silje's appearances

the year 1997 - March 15.



Advert in Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad, Thursday March 13. 1997

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Gleng Musikkforum Sarpsborg presents


Saturday 15 March at 22.00: Hotel St. Olav

Tickets: Gleng Bokcafé, Glengsgate 31, Sarpsborg, (tel.) 69 15 68 00

Article in Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad, Thursday March 13. 1997

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Arne Domnerus to Sarpsborg

Arne Domnerus is again on his way to Sarpsborg to hold a concert. At a Gleng festival a few years ago, he performed with Silje Nergaard. This has obviously been tempting to repeat. When Luna Jazzband had to cancel the jazz café next Saturday, Gleng Musikkforum had no problems getting yes from Domnerus and Nergaard to perform again.

The two main characters only play on Saturday night.

In the morning, it is their backing group that plays the main role. This consists of Roy Helvin on piano, Ingar Guttormsen on bass and Håkon Paulsberg on drums.

Review in Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad, Monday March 17. 1997.

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Gleng came ahead of Molde

You've seen it on film. The dimly lit jazz café, the cloud of smoke gliding under the roof and a large number of listeners enjoying the beer and the music.

It is not everywhere you have such a place - but it has Sarpsborg. On Saturday night, it was the Swedish saxophonist Arne Domnerus and the Norwegian singer Silje Nergaard who played at Gleng's increasingly popular jazz café.

60 listeners had found their way to Hotel St. Olav, and they were clearly pleased to hear the musicians excel on their instruments. Jazz is, above all other forms of music, the genre of improvisation. And the musicians Domnerus and Nergaard brought with them were not just anyone in the jazz community: Roy Helvin was in charge of the piano, Ingar Guttormsen played double bass, while Håkon Paulsberg was behind the drums.

Gleng leader Bjarn Aaserød tells Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad that Domnerus and Nergaard will be two of the attractions during this year's jazz festival in Molde, where they will play together with the not unknown Ytre Suløen Jazz Ensemble. If you did not catch the duo at St. OLav on Saturday, you have to travel all the way to Romsdal (and Molde).

Halvor Titlestad (text and photo)


ARNE DOMNERUS visited the jazz café on Saturday.