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the year 1996 - December 12.



advertisement in Moss Avis, Wednesday December 11. 1996


article in Moss Avis, Monday December 16. 1996


Translated by Dag Sirnes:

Music mulled wine with spices

Silje Nergaard took a mood tour at Gimle Kultursenter (in Moss) on Sunday night. She and six guys from Gli Scapoli delivered prune-free (*) musical mulled wine with good spices.

By Morten Brunslid og Ragna G. Fjeld (photo)

Silje Nergaard took a couple of hundred people out into a slightly jazz-styled landscape "Hjemmefra'' (From Home). Together with six guys from Gli Scapoli, guitarist Nils Einar Vinjor and percussionist Rune Arnesen, she picked up different moods and presented them in the hall. It was a voice meeting from the good shelf with a smile in the chorus. The hatches in their Christmas calendar contained musicality, communication and quality far beyond what is usual Advent song.

Played along the jazz road

It was such a Sunday night where you froze on your back, and it is not due to an intrusive winter. Silje played along the jazz road and the guys from the classical room wanted to join. They took it evocatively and calmly in the introduction.

The songs were taken from ''Hjemmefra'', and they are mood-dosed with some goosebumps in the vocal arrangements. There was a little more vocal jazz play and cheerful gentlemen sang blue tones with body and soul.

The audience joined in the applause and "Proud Mary" came on a pre-Christmas rock'n roll visit. It swung in Gimle and Stevie Wonder's ''I wish'' was vocal soul of good brand and voice use.

In Christmas mood

But Silje had several moods to offer. Christmas is approaching for her as well, and ''Det Lyser I Stille Grender'' a little unfamiliar in Silje's excellent version of the song. Gli Scapoli are classically educated men, and "Det Hev Ei Rose Sprunge" gave the answer.

Svein Carlsen entered the stage and the microphone was released. He does not need electronic help to put people in the Christmas mood with ''O Helga Natt'' and "Amazing Grace". There will be peace in the restless Christmas preparation times of such a song.

Mood package

The evening was coming to an end and Silje took some of the past. "Tell me where you're going" is from her record debut and has more impact in stock than we are used to from her recent production. (Here appeared our deadline, and from there on out we are unfortunately blank.)

But Silje Nergaard had delivered her mood package and people had received a concert of the good kind. It was both swing and reflection and all the time with the voices as bearers of the good music.

Caption: Silje Nergaard took the audience on an atmospheric journey of the good kind at Gimle Kultursenter on Sunday night.

(*)  Musical prunes (musikalske svisker) is a Norwegian expression for 'Evergreen favourite tunes'