Silje's appearances

the year 1996 - July 19.




article in Grimstad Adressetidende, Thursday July 18. 1996

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Silje to Dr Berg

On March 7 last year, Silje Nergaard released her latest CD, ''The Letter''. The album is acoustic and open, oriented about vocals and lyrics, and Silje sings here for the first time in Norwegian (if you disregard her participation on the Prøysen album which was released in 1994). The music on the album is Silje's own, and the lyrics are written by Jan Eggum, Håvard Rem, Kristin A. Sandberg and Ole Paus.

''The Letter" was received overwhelmingly, and is followed up in 1996 as last year with an intensive tournament. Here, Silje will primarily play at smaller clubs and the like, and with her is the guitarist Nils Einar Vinjor. On Friday, Silje Nergaard comes to Grimstad and Dr. Berg.

The basis for the concerts in 1996 will be "The Letter", but live, Silje will also be able to offer revisits to parts of her previous material and her own versions of other people's material. In addition, she will try out material for her new CD, which is scheduled to be recorded in the summer and will be available in stores in the autumn. ''A sparkling lesson of mouth jazz with pop elements'' has a critic previously used as a characteristic of the live artist Silje.

The picture: Silje Nergaard performs at Dr. Berg on Friday.