Silje's appearances

the year 1996 - July 17.



Article and translation in the newspaper Aust-Agder Blad on Friday July 12. 1996:


Translated by Dag Sirnes:

Silje Nergaard at Prommen

Next Wednesday [17. July] it should be crowded at Prommen Pub when one of our most prominent artists shows up. We are talking about Silje Nergaard, who brings with her the guitarist Nils Einar Vinjor.

Silje was born in northern Norway, grew up in Hamar and today lives in Oslo after three years in England. In March last year, she released her last (and fourth in a row) CD - "Brevet" [The Letter] - and it received an overwhelming reception. This is followed by an intensive tournament.

This record confirms that Silje is not only an excellent singer, but also an exceptionally talented composer and musician. Musically, she operates in borderlands between jazz, pop and perhaps also folk singing. The basis for the concert activity this year will of course be "The Letter", but still Silje will also be able to offer rehearsals with parts of her previous material and her own versions of other people's material. She will probably also try out some songs for her new CD, which is scheduled to be recorded this summer and will consequently be available sometime in the autumn.
                                                Svein Walstad

Caption: Silje Nergaard is ready for Risør and Prommen Pub next Wednesday.