Silje's appearances

the year 1995 - August 18.


advertisment and article in Framtid i Nord, Thursday August 17. 1995

Translation by Dag Sirnes:



Friday 18 August: Highlight of the month tonight.

Silje Nergaard with band plays up to dance '' Nedenom ''. * Be out early! All (alcohol) rights.

Lyngskroa Hotel
welcome to  Oteren **


An evening with Silje at Lyngskroa

"I look forward to it like a kid every time I get out and play."

This is what Silje Nergaard says, who is considered to be one of Norway's best vocalists. On Friday, all fans can experience her at Lyngskroa together with a small group of excellent Norwegian musicians.

Silje is currently on the record with her new CD "Brevet", which has received rave reviews in most of the country's newspapers and music magazines. Silje has previously recorded records with some of the world's foremost musicians, such as Pat Metheny. Regardless of studio productions and TV appearances, there is one environment that will always be special for Silje, namely the concert hall.

Silje's concerts are just as complex and varied as Silje herself. It ranges from evocative ballads to hefty suggestive rhythms. In other words, the stage is set for a very special music experience at Lyngskroa on Friday night.

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*  Nedenom  can be translated to : below. So, a good guess should be that the concert room was in the basement part of the building.

**  Oteren is a small place in Storfjord municipality (Troms county, northern Norway) at the bottom of Lyngen fjord.