Silje's appearances

the year 1995 - August 14.


article in Altaposten, Friday August 11. 1995

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

'' New '' Silje visiting

With the release of "Brevet" (The Letter), Silje Nergaard is experiencing a new spring as a record artist. International ambitions have been put on hold and the naive, jazzified pop style has been abandoned. With Norwegian lyrics and a distinctly personal expression, it may seem as if the talented singer and songwriter has found her style. On Monday, she sneaks in at Smutthullet with her sober tones, with a group of talented musicians in the back.

By: Rolf E. Lund

In the late 80's she was launched as an exceptionally talented jazz singer and she had the support of Pat Metheny himself. It was all spiced up with melodic songs and served with sophisticated rhythms, without a proper turn in record sales. The press and the audience were mostly lukewarm.


Since then, Silje Nergaard has been through a maturation process. Last winter we got to know 'new' Silje. Through the release "Brevet", she radiated warmth, security and personal strength - completely cleansed of intrusive attempts at list climbing. She easily joined the ranks of quality promotions from (the record company) Kirkelig kulturverksted.

Multiple gears

Many quiet and personal songs notwithstanding; Silje Nergaard has also found room for languorous rhythms in her new concept - and there is good reason to believe that the concert will have a few more gears.

It also has to do with the fact that Silje Nergaard surrounds herself with talented musicians. Once again we get to get acquainted with the guitarist Børge Pettersen Øverleir who earlier this year visited (here in Alta) together with both Kari Bremnes and Bjørn Eidsvåg. The Bodø boy is among our most used and respected guitarists.

In the band we also find Gjermund Silseth (bass), Kåre Vestrheim (keyboard) and Kim Ofstad (drums).


If the atmosphere becomes intimate enough on Monday, there is a chance that the lyrics will appear. In that way, the girl has several 'accomplices'.

Ole Paus, Jan Eggum, Kristin A. Sandberg and Morten Harket's favorite lyricist Håvard Rem have all contributed.

Monday's concert can be a personal meeting with a newly matured artist with a lot on her mind.

Caption: Silje Nergaard has appeared in a new, Norwegian costume. On Monday she visits Smutthullet [in Alta].

article in Altaposten, Tuesday August 15. 1995

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Sneaky tones

The relationship between him and her was central when Silje Nergaard entertained at Smutthullet last night. Few 50 spectators were served songs on that theme both from the new Silje in Norwegian and from the old one in English.

At concert with Silje Nergaard

For although she has changed the style quite emphatically and switched from English texts to Norwegian, the central theme there is rooted; the relationship between man and woman. Silje Nergaard addressed many possible situations of this at the concert. Distance infatuation, infidelity, the struggle for love and similar themes came like pearls on a string.

'' I am a misplaced northerner who ended up in Hamar. This is how a schizophrenic becomes '', said Silje Nergaard as an explanation for the fact that singing was in both Norwegian and English.


Silje Nergaard opened the concert at Smutthullet very carefully with her new Norwegian songs. Eventually she thawed and there was more pressure in the songs, including when she picked up from her English-language repertoire. But often she was back to the close, careful songs in Norwegian.

All the while, she had a good grip on the audience. It was clear that the vast majority of the few who had come were there because they wanted to listen to the music. Silje Nergaard also noted this:

"You are a very quiet audience," she said, comparing those present to other, louder gatherings she had entertained. The audience at Smutthullet was of the young, adult kind. At the back of the room, there were a number of men who at least had not come to listen to the guitar playing.

Solid backing

There was nothing to complain about the guitar playing. For some music enthusiasts, the concert was a reunion with Børge Pettersen Øverleir who has been to Alta several times over the past year with various artists. Kim Ofstad (drums), Gjermund Silseth (bass) and Kåre Vestrheim (keyboards) made up the rest of the very solid band.

Caption: Silje Nergaard did not draw much more than 50 spectators at Smutthullet last night.
[Text & photo Kjartan Mæstad]