Silje's appearances

the year 1995 - August 12.


article in Lofotposten, Friday August 11. 1995

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Silje to Centrum

"I look forward like a kid every time I go out and play for people," says Silje Nergaard. One of the country's foremost vocalists is on stage at Centrum, Myre, Saturday night.

Silje is currently on the record with her new CD "Brevet", which has received very good reviews. She has previously recorded records with some of the world's leading musicians such as Pat Metheny, and is experiencing record success in several countries.

Silje has selected a small group of excellent Norwegian musicians, and appreciates intimate scenes. The Oslo newspapers have been overwhelming in their coverage of the music experience she gives the audience, and she herself thinks it is just as exciting every time she performs. "Nothing is better than reaching out to those who listen."

Silje's concerts range from evocative ballads to fiercely suggestive rhythms - as varied as the artist herself. It is time for a special music experience at Myre.

Musicians on the tour are:

Børge Petersen-Øverleir - gitar
Gjermund Silseth - bass
Kåre Vestrheim - keyboard
Kime Ofstad - drums

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Note: Myre is located on Langøy in Nordland county - just west of Harstad