Silje's appearances

the year 1995 - July 23.


article in Fædrelandsvennen, Tuesday July 25. 1995

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Sensual innocence at Markens

Silje Nergaard and Nils E. Vinjor
Markens Brød & Sirkus

Kristiansand: On Sunday it was the boys who had taken the trip to a concert! Quietly and nicely, they sat and watched Silje Nergaard's sensual innocence, if you can put it that way. In other words: Madonna's typical opposite, where she preferably uses glance to achieve contact with the audience, and not other bodily movements.

Not many vocalists really have timing: There are not many who have full certainty about where they are in the harmony landscape. Silje Nergaard has it, and showed it to the around thirty who heard her and the guitarist Nils E. Vinjor at Markens Brød & Sirkus on Sunday.

Earlier this year, Silje Nergaard came up with the distinctive CD '' Brevet '', where she sings in Norwegian for the first time, with lyrics by Ole Paus, Kristin A. Sandberg, Jan Eggum and Håvard Rem to her own music. It was from there that she obtained most of the material for this concert. But first and foremost, she impresses when she sings jazz, as we got it demonstrated in "Birdland". In good interaction with Nils E. Vinjor, she moved freely beyond fixed melody and rhythm patterns, confident and swinging.

Her distinctive, slightly naked voice created a closeness that was emphasized by Vinjor's expressive guitar playing. He mastered jazz, blues, folk songs and more classical-inspired accompaniment, but could also swing with bass accompaniment on electric guitar. The vocalist herself contributed on keyboard.  

But still, the concert never reached a proper climax. It is difficult to get a varied program with only two performers on stage, especially when the audience is of the silent and restrained kind. And if Silje Nergaard is 'the innocence' on stage, her comments between the songs became childish and awkward. Sing more and talk less.

Randi Berge Svendsen

Caption: Silje Nergaard in action at Markens Brød & Sirkus (Photo: Randi Berge Svendsen)