Silje's appearances

the year 1995 - July 22.


article in KragerÝ Blad (KragerÝ 1895-1997), Tuesday July 11. 1995

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Silje to Amadeus

On Saturday 22 July, there will be another great visit to Amadeus in KragerÝ. Silje Nergaard is one of the most popular Norwegian artists at the moment, and is among other things hot with her new record release "Brevet".

She made her breakthrough as an artist through her collaboration with Pat Metheny a few years ago. "Letters" is her fourth release, and this release confirms that she is not only a talented singer, but also an exceptionally talented composer and musician. Musically, she operates in the borderland between jazz, pop and folk ballads.

Also in KragerÝ, she certainly has many friends and admirers, so it should be full at Amadeus on July 22. Tickets are on sale in advance at El Paso.

Photo: Silje at Amadeus on Saturday 22 July.