Silje's appearances

the year 1995 - July 18. and 19.


advert in Sogn avis, Wednesday July 12. 1995


A musical journey with 
the culture boat Innvik
to the jazz festival in Molde

Departure Sunday 16 July
from Bergen at 12.00, from Florø at 20:00, from Måløy at 23.00.
Expected arrival in Molde 17 July at 09.00

Fra Bergen kr. 750*, fra Florø k.r 500*, fra Måløy kr. 400*

In Molde: Silje Nergaard - Eirik Husabø - Ole Staveteig

Accommodation (at the boat) in Molde NOK 325 pe person with breakfast

Full restaurant service on board with beer and wine sale.

For ordering and further information, call 57 82 04 20

*  The price applies to a one-way ticket with bed and breakfast.
Return from Molde Sunday 23.07.95 at 10.00