Silje's appearances

the year 1995 - May 14.


article in Sogn avis, Thursday April 20. 1995

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Ready for exciting Balejazz

More compressed, more familiar names.

Balestrand: In mid-May, the sixth edition of Balejazz kicks off. And the only jazz festival in (the county) Sogn og Fjordene seems more exciting this year than in a long time.
SA: Kai Martin Brekke

Key words are several well-known names in the program, and a festival that is far more compressed than in recent years.

"In addition, we have emphasized that the artists should have a connection to Sogn og Fjordene in one way or another," says Yngve Knausgård on the board of the festival.

Around the clock

On Friday 12 May, there will be the starting shot for the sixth Balejazz in a row. And all the opening day you get to experience a festival built on a slightly new pattern than before. The opening takes place in Cooperhuset where Oddvar Torsheim and Mary Ann Menes offer exhibitions. Afterwards, there will be a festival inn at "Brødrene Offerdal", where, among others, Trionor and Walter Bladt will be responsible for the music. In addition, Oddvar Torsheim has promised to use his voice. The evening ends at Natthuset with local blues from "Av med bluesen".

Ethnic suite

Stein Erik Tafjord, known from Ytre Suløen's Jazz Ensemble and Brass Brothers, is behind this year's commissioned work '' Ethnic Suite ''. With him are the brothers Egil and Runar, Linda Øvrebø, Con Bele, Balestrand's Songlag and a bunch of local musicians. The work, which is performed in Tjugum church, is inspired by both traditional Norwegian folk tunes, jazz and African music, opens a hectic jazz Saturday. Throughout the evening, a lot happens at Kviknes Hotell. First out is Isglemsen with Terje Isungsset, Karl Seglem and Arve Henriksen.

Exciting  Skram

Later in the evening, the audience can experience a new and exciting edition of Dag Skram. Through a collaboration with Lars Nes in Skald (publishing house), he has brought with him some of the most famous jazz musicians in the country to play his original material. In the orchestra we find Per Hillestad, Nils Einar Vinjor, Terje Venaas and Gunnar Onarheim. The concert, which has its world premiere in Balestrand, will later be staged in Årdal.

The evening ends at Natthuset with music by the popular Måløy group  ''Rubber Biquit Rhythm'n Blues Band ''.

Silje's Sunday

On Sunday it is ready for Silje Nergaard. If the weather gods are happy, there will be a concert on the raft "Øya" outside Kviknes Hotell. If not, the concert will be moved to Bygdahuset.

"Everything should be ready for a proper family concert," says Knausgård. Jazz prevails in Balestrand the second weekend in May. A wonderful and important tradition is carried on. The people of Sogn should take note of this and join.

Large photo

READY FOR SPEED: '' There will be speed here 12 - 14 May '', says Kari Anne Hommedal, Yngve Knausgård and Martin Hauge, and welcomes the sixth edition of Balejazzen.

Left small photo 

ORDERED WORK: Linda Øvrebø participates in the commissioned work '' Ethnic Suite '' in Tjugum church on Saturday 13 May.

Right small photo:

SILJES SUNDAY: On Sunday, Silje Nergaard rules the grounds alone with a concert on the raft "Øya".