Silje's appearances

the year 1995 - May 12.


article in Moss Dagblad, Wednesday May 10. 1995

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Silje Nergaard to Live Kjeller'n

Live Kjelller'n constantly attracts well-known artists on Friday nights. Next Friday, the venue will be visited by Silje Nergaard with her band. Silje released the album '' Brevet '' on March 7. a record that with one exception has received good reviews.

By: Tore Kubberød
Moss Dagblad

Silje Nergaard has managed to become an experienced artist. But it is only in the last couple of years that she has been successful in Norway. His career first gained momentum in countries such as Japan, where the records went like hot cakes.

On March 7, Silje from Hamar released her fourth album. "Brevet'' (The letter) is her first production of Norwegian texts. She has written the melodies herself. For the lyrics, she has received help from Jan Eggum, Håvard Rem, Kristin A. Sandberg and Ole Paus. Musically, she operates in a borderland between jazz, pop and shows.

Silje Nergaard has now started an extensive touring business. She is now taking the round in southern Norway, before setting course for northern Norway in August. Over the autumn, there will again be a round in southern Norway.

On the tour, Silje Nergaard brings with her a band consisting of Børge Petersen Øverleir (guitar), Gjermund Silseth (bass), Kåre Vestrheim (keyboards) and Kim Ofstad (drums).


To Moss: A bit of a chance to have a full evening when Silje Nergaard comes to Live Kjeller'n (The Live Basement) on Friday. (Photo: John T. Pedersen)