Silje's appearances

the year 1995 - March 18.



article in Helgelands Blad, Saturday March 18. 1995

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Silje's letter that Grandma understands

Norpress - Bente Bjercke

When you sing in English, it kind of goes in turns. Silje Nergaard thinks. Now, after three albums, she has chosen the forward path - with Norwegian lyrics on the CD "Brevet".

"Why did you dedicate the record to your grandmother?"

''Because I love her so much. Since she does not understand English, she has long thought that I should sing in my own mother tongue. Grandma is the safest of the safe I know.” Silje experiences life in boxes. Safety also, like a box she seeks in and out of when unrest rages. Boxes are also a recurring theme in her sculpture, which in addition to adorning the record cover will be exhibited at gallery Albin Upp in Oslo in a month.

''It's so violent with impressions. Now that I'm about to grow up, but not as grown up as the old-fashioned weather forecasters, I think it's becoming more and more to relate to. For me, it is a vital necessity to have a planet, a world of its own that is only mine. There I can sit and send letters to everyone else.”

Silje is interested in letters. Think it's a nice form of communication: In a letter you have selected what is important to say. Twelve jazz-pop letters are now ready for the mailbox. Silje picks themes and atmospheres over the piano, and approached - by letter, of course - Jan Eggum, Kristin A. Sandberg, Håvard Rem and Ole Paus to find the words. Together with producer Ulf W. Ø. Holand and the musicians Nils Einar Vinjor, Bjørn Kjellemyr, Per Lindvall and Jens Bugge Wesseltoft, Silje has created a low-key and acoustic soundscape. Open and naked events where Silje's distinctive voice romps as it pleases.

''It was pure Christmas Eve to work with these musicians. We want to let the song, the melody and the lyrics stand out. Let it make a simple whole. A few years ago, I had not dared to strip the events so much'', says Silje.

She was nervous about whether she could sing Norwegian lyrics. Really thought she had to have a dialect to be able to sing them. A tour in northern Norway and in eastern Norway is planned. But right now Silje is more interested in her sculptures. Lately, the fingers have formed clay rather than run over the piano keys.

''It's a little difficult to do both. It gets so sticky'', Silje smiles.

Photo: Silje Nergaard releases ''Brevet'' - her first album with Norwegian lyrics, at the request and pressure of her grandmother. (Photo: Bente Bjercke / Norpress)

article in Harstad Tidende, Thursday April 6.1995

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Silje in the NRK TV program Rondo

Rondo with roots in Lavangen (Northern Norway)
Funny coincidence, and fun for the lavangsværingene (Lavangen citizens).

In the NRK program Rondo on Friday 17 March, Petter Nome had invited three guests - who all had in common that one of their grandparents is from Lavangen.

It is (the radio program) "Kulturnytt" that reveals the funny coincidence. Among the guests in the Rondo program was Silje Nergaard. Her grandmother's name is Martha Jørgensen and she lives at Soløy.

The second guest was Morten Eriksen, and he has a grandmother named Erna Eliassen at Å in Lavangen.

As if that was not enough, Rondo guest number three was a woman named Beate Gundelach - and her grandfather is Sverre Ellingsen at Tennevoll.

"We certainly have nothing against people with roots in Lavangen being used in even more television programs," says a smiling cultural consultant Elling Ellingsen.